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Never be Satisfied with Results and Strive for Continuous Improvement


Challenges in technology to meet
enterprise needs in 2013 and

Enterprise needs are constantly evolving to be able to withstand market challenges and this requires a flexible, "easy-todo-business-with" and holistic technology platform. As "techies", one of our biggest challenges is to help keep our business running while we implement solutions to transform it, finding synergies between quality, risk control, innovation and cost. My dream IT solutions portfolio would have easily interoperable, easily replicable
and easily scalable solutions – the speed in
which we provide solutions to our global business is essential. It's important for technology providers to engage and facilitate the enterprise and not trap them. Providers that are able to facilitate cross-provider integrations are going to win in the market as no one provider is able to meet all the needs of an enterprise.

Lessons I learnt as a CIO that can help

My three golden rules +1:
1) Stay connected to the business - a technology solution/update that does not serve a bigger business purpose probably
should not be implemented.
2) Attract great people to be part of your
team, people who with the right development, challenges and encouragement can be better than
ourselves. In addition to being technically
strong, my team has great business acumen which is essential to understanding the needs of our business partners in order to be proactive in
providing the necessary solutions and new
3) Develop, cultivate and build strong partnerships with your key providers ensuring that both sides of the partnership are able to leverage one another's strengths via capabilities we build to support the business!

Most importantly, never be satisfied with your results and strive for continuous improvement.

The areas in business environment where solutions do not yet exist or not up to the mark, and which if existed, would have made job easier

Consumer connections and big data. As a global company, staying in tune with our consumers and being able to effectively manage large amounts of data that deliver business insights are priorities for me and my team. Currently, we are utilizing one-off spot solutions to support our consumer connections and related business
processes as we have yet to find a scalable
end-to-end solution. Also, with the large amounts of point-to-point supplier/customer/consumer/employee transactions we encounter on a daily basis, harvesting and being able to interpret analytics are challenges we must address after years of automation initiatives.

My roles and responsibilities as a CIO