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NetAnalytiks: Housing a Host of Security Services Under a Single Umbrella


With evolving technologies, the threat landscape is changing and companies need to align their information security investment accordingly to counter the applicable threats. Gartner predicts there will be 6.8 billion connected devices in use in 2016 and by 2020; this number is set to jump to more than 20 billion connected devices. Put another way, for every human being on the planet, there will be between two and three connected devices. As we step into an age where a seemingly innocuous smart fridge can act as a gateway for hackers to access confidential information, we’re witnessing cyber attacks targeted not just at organizations, but at industries like the power sector 1 in Western Ukraine. The sheer number of connected devices presents an unprecedented opportunity for hackers, and organizations are on the lookout for an ingenious vendor who can not only provide avant-garde solutions but also advice and guide them when faced with the murky waters of cyber threats.

Headquartered in Bangalore, NetAnalytiks advises customers to maintain a balance between managing risks by enabling businesses to develop the right Information Security strategy. Covering areas like IAM (Identity and Access Management), Threat Management and Data Security, the company proffers Security Consulting services where the initial Information Security assessments are conducted and the tools are evaluated to identify the right solutions to be implemented. Delving deep into the client’s GRC requirements, the company meticulously studies areas like Business Segment, Regulatory Compliance requirements, the Risk Appetite and the current technology landscape to devise the right information security strategy. Leveraging a delivery team that showcases significant experience in delivering security solutions to large enterprises, the company houses a well-planned CoE tasked with building internal capability to provide necessary support to the consulting and delivery teams to equip with SME knowledge and solution delivery capabilities. “Our CoE conducts evaluations as per customer requirements to build solution accelerators and also develops security assets and security best practices. We are tools and technology agnostic and hence recommend the best solutions, keeping in mind the investments that the customers have already made in infrastructure, tools and technologies, so as to get maximum value and smooth adoption to new technologies,” says Dr. Shankara Chilkunda, Co-Founder & CEO.

Furthermore, NetAnalytiks proffers Consulting and Solution Integration services. “Our cyber security practice is built with SMAC and IoT security as the horizontal covering IAM, Threat Management and Data Security verticals; thus ensuring that organizations get the latest security solutions to enable them to work seamlessly as per business goals,” says Lakshminarayana Ullala, Co-Founder & COO. Having faced with obstacles during the company’s inception, NetAnalytiks proved its mettle by tirelessly working on honing Cyber Security Experience, Customer Focus and striving for Best Quality. Having shown an indomitable spirit to succeed despite all odds, it is only astute to say that NetAnalytiks is a vendor worth partnering with in the Cyber Security Domain.