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Motlay Innovations: Helping Enterprises Make Decisions based on Strategic Data Sciences


There is no doubt that Big Data, combined with agile analytics has become a serious challenge to established thinking in management consulting and business development. Rather than spending months on studying internal work flows, interviewing customers or discussing with key personnel, one could check the (Big) data. By tapping into Big Data, using agile analytics methods, analysts can rapidly respond to business needs and deliver timely results to decision makers. With this objective, Gurgaon headquartered, Motlay Innovations Pvt Ltd. lays down its business intelligence strategy and focuses on Big Data Analytics Technology, vendors, products and solutions to ensure that its client’s business has access to create innovative tools to achieve results.

The founder members have more than 16 years of diverse experience that allows the Big Data consulting firm to provide convoluted systems and enable its clients to gain unmatched decision-making capabilities. Big Data analytics and business intelligence consulting from Motlay provides businesses with one clear path to Fast Big Data - Driven Business Analytics and close loop decision-making. “As in most of the cases 60-70 percent of data is not useful, it is important to think of how to reduce the data you want to process. Motlay Innovations focuses on iterative adaption of Big Data technology and helps organizations to move from “Slow, Fat and Dumb to Swift, Slim and Smart Data”. says Harish C Lodwal, Founder & Chief Ideator, Motlay Innovations.

Led by Harish’s strong strategic planning abilities and expertise in setting product and technology strategies in Banking, BI, Telecom, Insurance, Mobile, Finance, Hedge Fund, Airlines, Travel B2C and B2B environments; the company supplements its Big Data strategy and advisory services with technology consulting services to help clients pick the right mix of Big Data technologies. Motlay Innovations is ahead of its competitors because in addition to streamlining the process of developing Big Data applications, it provides visualization and insight discovery. “Knowing that migration to new things always needs some buffer for uncertainties, we suggest our clients to take small steps so that they can change paths with minimal impact to schedule and cost.” adds Harish.

What sets Motlay Innovations apart from its contemporaries is its offering of Initial Consultation at a Minimal Cost. The organization allows businesses to schedule a no-obligation consultation to explore their situation and objectives. An experienced Motlay advisor then recommends productive resources and next steps, whether within Motlay scope or beyond. Arming enterprises with purposeful objective, Motlay Innovations enables them to follow methodological approach and develop predictive delivery capability with minimal pricing. With such attributes, Motlay aims to become world class data science consulting company. It plans to create an ecosystem where it can identify and promote most promising solutions/platform to solve data analytical science problem.