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Miles Software: Transforming Business Dilemma into Technology


Company:Miles Software Solutions Ltd.
Founder:Milan Ganatra, CEO
Description:A global provider of comprehensive technology solutions to wealth and asset management firms across the globe.

When one of the largest banks in India having over half a million customers required a single view for all advice given to their customers, Miles Software integrated every single banking product along with non-banking product distributed by the Bank on a single unified view. Simply put, as soon a customer logs in, he gets a single view across all his investments giving advice on an automated basis. This product helped the bank to disseminate information and advice to customers and optimizethe number of relationship managers and quality of their efforts more effectively.
Miles Software, a Mumbai-based provider of comprehensive technology solutions to wealth and asset management firms, was incorporated in 1999 with a focus to transform business know how/ challenges to technology solutions. Today, the company is a unique organization that is only focused on business problems which they understand well and have expertise in solving them. They have also evolved their solutions, practices and methodologies to serve the dynamic market in future and over 250 customers globally can vouch for this.

"The industry is going through challenges and keenly looks at the ROI to create solutions that are more scalable and automated. Our services are a business innovation which deliver value," explains Milan Ganatra, CEO, Miles Software. Through their 'Do it yourself' approach, their solutions helps the end customers of the clients perform a lot of activities that allows them to bring in stability and deliver innovative solutions using different channels right from the tablets to any other device.

Miles' products come with a business intelligence tool that equips customers to perform analytics which is key for decision making. Their flagship product, MoneyWare™ is built against global benchmark solutions to give their customers a range of cutting edge solutions aligned with the customer’s business objective. The company is tapping the latest technology trends like 'Mobility' and 'Cloud' to address the needs of small to medium enterprises which are supported by their managed service offering. They spend heavily on R&D and are able to roll out products and solutions even before the customer identifies the need. Their difference is ‘the ability to be futuristic about their customer needs".

Miles philosophy has always been to commit to excellence in everything they do. Their business is built on a true understanding of each individual client that over time develops into mutual trust and successful long-term relationships. Following this philosophy, the company wants to grow by leaps and bounds in the financially developing markets and be the de-facto standard for investment management business, whether it is for distribution or manufacturing or to any individual investor.