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Mesprosoft: Driving High Utilization of SAP within Organizations


A growing composite product manufacturing company of India was facing decentralized storage of information and delay in communication because of the deployment of several applications in order to address the needs of various departments. Sales revenues and dispatch, MIS and monthly stocks reports preparation were being held-up owing to improper flow of information. The company was in need of a solution which could streamline end-to-end processes, improve visibility and delivery of information while ensuring efficient cash flow analysis. After several hunts to find a reliable solution, the company approached Mesprosoft - a provider of a comprehensive suite of services which covers the entire SAP lifecycle. This Bangalore based company was able to resolve the predicaments by providing overall program management, scope, design, build, test, business process alignment, system data conversion, communication, training and ongoing application management support with tighter credit controls ensuring efficient cash flow analysis.

Turning SAP Investments Fruitful
Implementing SAP on a global scale presents many challenges across organizations including poor productivity and efficiency of systems. Today, majority of the companies are worried about low utilization of SAP within their business processes. Focusing on the SAP tagline “Best Run companies Run SAP”, Mesprosoft contributes to make SAP run best in organizations with its SAP Implementation services. “Committed towards turning SAP investments fruitful and result oriented, the company is driving high utilization of SAP within organizations, thus enhancing efficiency”, says Vinod Kumar Nittoor, CEO, Mesprosoft.

The SAP sector has been hit hard over the last few years as the investment decisions on IT were on the back foot. “However, we can now see movements in the market and it feels like that the industry is taking a better turn and we are contributing ourselves to this movement through our increased sales”, adds Vinod. The company implements a highly optimized SAP implementation methodology loosely based on ASAP Focus Methodology. Mesprosoft methodology is template driven and quite dynamic to capture business requirements yet flexible enough to adapt to the customers’ changing needs throughout the SAP project lifecycle and beyond. “We are fast while maintaining quality and agility to accommodate and we focus on building long-lasting relationship with our customers by visualizing the customers’ expectations and changing needs in advance”, says Vinod.

Improving Operational Excellence
To address the qualms in supply chain areas, the company has build Barcode enabled mobile Warehouse solutions and android based tab applications to keep a track on the stock collections outside locations and delivery creations with SAP. The manufacturing industry confronts multiple challenges from creating real time tool that processes all manufacturing and compliance data to reducing of unwanted machine downtimes. Mesprosoft is positioned to create a great real time tool for processing manufacturing and compliance data and ensures Manufacturing scheduling with SAP considering all the multiple constraints of Machine capacity, tooling capacity and Material availability without any hassles. “This has greatly reduced unwanted machine downtime leading to improved adherence to the delivery schedules”, adds Vinod.
“Make more with less” are the words that most of the companies today embrace with great interest. They are showing immense propensity for paperless digital operations to save time as well as resources. Embracing paperless manufacturing strategies, Mesprosoft offers real time visibility of methods and systems used to prioritize, track, and report against production orders and schedules with improved operational excellence, higher quality, and greater responsiveness to change. “We also enable visual displays of schedules on LED monitors and real-time visibility of shopfloor activities with interfaces to MES system as well as labor oriented assembly shops on Hand held and Tab devices”, explains Vinod.
Technical competency, Innovation and customer relationships have been the hallmarks for nearly every IT service provider for the past few years. With its expertise in Template based installation and technical competency, Mesprosoft has been able align itself with the best industry practices and build long lasting relationship with its existing customers. “We believe our success is a byproduct of our customers’ success and we always focus more on nurturing and embracing the integrity we have with them by adding value to whatever we do with full dedication”, quotes Vinod. In addition to bringing enhancements in Quality Management, production and BOBJ reports through SAP, the company has also built lot of artifacts that are both generic and industry specific in nature. With a COE, built to meet the objectives of customers’ changing needs, the company has plans to invest in the mobile customer service market, open UI 5 applications and at the same time continue delivering quality without any compromises.