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Mediology: Empowering Publishers through Mobile First Content Management


As it has been in earlier eras, dynamic change marks the nation’s media industries and, in particular, the print industry. The advent of the Internet has meant increased competition for traditional print media to cope up and these trends, which in combination with other factors, have left many newspapers in perilous financial straits with a few closing and others forced to undertake drastic cost cutting.

Headquartered in Gurgaon, Haryana, and co-founded by Gaurav Bhatnagar and Manish Dhingra, Mediology Software, is streamlined to provide end-to-end mobile solutions for the traditional media and publishing industry thus enabling them to embrace technology enhance distribution and monetization, especially on the new age digital devices.

Mediology Software has been working with publishers on their Digital Strategies since 2010. Over the last five years, they have developed from pre-press workflow solutions to multi channel publishing platforms. Mediology’s Readwhere Mobile CMS platform today enables some of India’s largest publishers to have native mobile applications across iOS and Android, with features, which are at par with the likes of the world’s leading media brands. Readwhere Mobile CMS already powers, Deccan Chronicle, The Statesman, Prabhat Khabar, Deepika, Financial Express as some of the newspapers, which leverage the platform.

The company is further introducing features around content personalization and support for smart devices, into the Mobile CMS platform.

In the present notion of digital media struggling hard to pump up the number of readers, Mediology’s, with a count of 1100 premium magazines and 1600 newspapers published daily, provides a cost effective publishing SaaS platform. It delivers PDF (prepress) and ePub files across web, mobile and tablet devices thereby achieving 7.5 million viewers per month. Right from advertising to distribution and monetization of the publisher’s content, Mediology makes the flow uninterrupted with its high end software solutions. Its unique geo-delivery engine further distributes the content on the cloud so that the solution is prompt and attracts avid readers. Backed up with Real-time analytics, Readwhere also, keeps track of reader’s identity, preferences and geographic locations for better content suggestions.

But the key to increased revenue for publishers and return on investment for advertisers lies in proper targeting of the advertisers to the target audiences. Furnishing this requirement of publishers and brands/agencies (advertisers) is the Readwhere Ad Exchange ( by Mediology Software that works directly with brands and agencies on various high returns CPM and CPC campaigns. The Readwhere Advertising Exchange ( is a partner of Google, and besides direct campaigns by brands, the enhance publisher revenue through Google’s Ad Exchange, and Adsense optimization.

“As literacy rates, Internet and mobile penetration increases in India, our publishing products and services should further help publishers and consumers to have a seamless experience on content distribution, consumption and monetization”, says Gaurav Bhatnagar, Co-Founder of Mediology

“Our Mobile solutions and especially the Readwhere Mobile CMS, is an excellent solution which enables publishers of all sizes to enable content distribution in south Indian languages. We are hopeful that this solution, one of the first in the world, will be leveraged by the publishers to reach the mobile audiences”, said Manish Dhingra, Director and CEO of Mediology..

With a comprehensive clientele’ ranging from “The India Today Group” to “Prabhat Khabar”, Mediology Software will continue to leverage their deep technical expertise to deliver top notch and improved mobile first content management solutions to the publishers, enhanced discovery and increased monetization for one’s content irrespective of whether the person is a publisher from a large media firm or an independent author.