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Meddiff Technologies: Transforming Healthcare through next Generation Medical Imaging IT Solutions built on Cloud and Imaging Analytics


Rapidly changing healthcare industry is demanding improvement in the quality of patient care and reduction in overall costs of healthcare facilities. Adoption of new IT technologies such as cloud computing, big data, analytics and IoT will support these emerging needs of healthcare industry. The expanded usage of medical imaging along with other IT solutions beyond the field of diagnostics can significantly contribute to lowering costs in healthcare on a global scale.

Meddiff Technologies, headquartered in Bangalore, Karnataka, offers a platform to address the needs of emergency care in diagnostic centres and hospitals. Meddiff offers a flexible image acquisition, processing and storage platform that supports different modalities from X-Rays, US, CT, MRI, Cathlab to PET CT in radiology, cardiology and nuclear medicine departments. It has about 350 customers and 1000 + sites. The organization offers InstaRad (Teleradiology) which helps in improving the quality of patient care offered by hospitals and diagnostic centres. Enterprise InstaRad with multisite connectivity helps specialists to view and analyze DICOM images over the internet connections across the hospitals/diagnostic centres with low bandwidth connectivity and on mobile devices. Enterprise InstaRad’s load balancing allows additional centres to be added to the network seamlessly, which handles up to 10,000 cases per centre. The radiology solution also offers report addendum, key image support, image sharing platform and critical alerts through sms and email thereby enabling doctors and specialists to collaborate in real time for better diagnosis”, states Sanjeev, MD & CEO, Meddiff. The central server of the solution which has a workflow rule based engine manages data from various medical centres and routes reports back to them.

Along the same lines, InstaRISPACS, a customizable WEB based RIS/PACS solution of Meddiff, archives database server that stores high quality DICOM images and reports such as Radiology, Cardiology, Nuclear Medicine to name a few. The cardiology imaging solution of the company, InstaCath, designed for hospital networks, manages, transmits and displays cardiology images thereby increasing the productivity of hospitals, optimizing skill as well as time of cardiologists and improving patient satisfaction.

Meddiff has taken a big leap in Patient Data Interoperability by developing and deploying India’s first Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA).Healthcare industry has always been facing challenges by proprietary formats used in various products. VNA was introduced to ensure data ownership was with the

Meddiff objectively aims to overcome the challenges in Tele Oncology and Radio Therapy by providing RT PACS to cancer hospitals. Having worked with premier healthcare providers like NIMHANS, Apollo, Fortis, Manipal, Columbia Asia group and many others, the organization strives to optimize service experiences for hospitals. Meddiff’s sensitivity to product innovation, customer needs and speed of response has led to efficient solutions which are readily being adopted in India and abroad.