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LiveHealth: Saving Time for Diagnostic Centers and Patients


The healthcare industry in India is growing at the rate of 12 percent every year and the diagnostic industry at the rate of 21 percent per year. Maintaining a large amount of paper medical records and consulting various doctors pose quite a challenge. But with the growth in telemedicine, wearable health monitoring devices and lifestyle-disease monitoring, patients are driven towards technology for convenient healthcare services. Though currently, the healthcare delivery system is fragmented and hence the end-user experience is completely broken. A patient has to go back and forth from the doctor to the diagnostic center and back. One would naturally feel hassled. Secondly, the EHRs in most hospitals are stored in PDF format which has many disadvantages such as- not being suitable to dissect the report (ability for the software to understand what the report means), lack of secured sharing & searching, and difficulty of storage. LiveHealth, headquartered in Pune, cuts short the chase as the Diagnostic Center creates and instantly delivers your reports to you and your Doctor over a mobile app. It also helps you find a diagnostic center near your location, pay bills online, book an appointment for a test, store and maintain your medical records on a cloud platform that is easily accessible and customizable on the mobile app. Also, since prevention of medical errors is a challenge, LiveHealth provides auto validation of
test results.

LiveHealth primarily offers an EMR as SaaS (Sofware-as a Service) to the diagnostic centers and laboratories where the doctors and lab technicians can create and maintain their patients' medical records in customizable formats for a lifetime. LiveHealth also provides an EHR solution where different labs can instantly deliver patients’ medical records, which can be accessed by the patients and their healthcare providers via smart phones in an easy and seamless way. Besides Patients can find nearby labs, pay online and book appointments. The Labs can also promote their health packages, send health tips and newsletters and engage with their patients. Thus, LiveHealth works a single platform making the entire diagnostic process smart, convenient and seamless, which isright from discovery of labs to delivery of medical reports. Till date, LiveHealth has catered over 10 million medical reports to over 4 lakh patients and their 35,000 Doctors through more than 250 LiveHealth powered Diagnostic Centres. It has also recently expanded its operations in the Southeast Asian and Middle East markets, by setting up its base in Malaysia and Dubai.

Abhimanyu Bhosale, Co-Founder and CEO at LiveHealth explains, “Though functioning as a Management Information System, we are absolutely different from a number of healthcare management systems or online doctor portals in the country. We not only generate easy to read intelligent test reports, but instantly deliver them to the patients via LiveHealth mobile app. With the advent of technologies that can track health statuses real-time, patients can proactively manage their health and become more involved in their treatment processes.”

Furthermore, LiveHealth’s quality control module enables the diagnostic centers to quantify and measure the quality of their testing by providing a comprehensive dashboard that integrates data from the various stages of transactions. Healthcare providers measure performance based on pre-analytical, analytical and post analytical data. “We have recently raised our first round of angel funding of USD 3,00,000,” signs off Abhimanyu.