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Leveraging IT Impact of Next Generation Technologies, Education and Society


Technology Impact

First and foremost thing we need to agree that technology is bound to rule present. One can’t go away from this reality. Technology will impact on all aspect of Human life, from day to day activities, education system, health, culture, social, relationship etc. Let’s us see what Impact of technology on education is— Rather than only focusing on tech term like e-learning, virtual classroom, let’s see how this impacts role and process of education.

Evolving Role of Teacher and Students:

Let’s see, do the Teachers are only remained as persons who teach student and student learn only what they teach? Answer is No, Teachers are playing role of middle man between information and students. Another example – how many students are totally depend on their teacher and parents to demonstrate their experiment in Science Exhibition? Very few students find knowledge online, Understand and select experiment and make it on their own with no or little help from their Teachers.Teachers’ role is moving from Teachers to Guide…

Look at how Social Media is impacting education process— Groups are formed on Social Media by likeminded pupil… Math Group, Science Group etc. Teachers are also part of these groups and they are discussing and enchaining knowledge through groups and teacher are playing role of mediator in these groups.

Role of IT Infrastructure in Education

Traditional chalk board setting is replaced with Digital Projector, Interactive board, Audio – Video Content, Digital books & Libraries so on… Heavy weight books now are squeezed into handy storage. Technology and devices have made education process easier and widen the scope. In future, we may not be surprised if school Schoolbags are 100 percent eliminated.“Today Students are smart” – Credit of this statement goes to Technology. Studies in psychology of learning proved that more learning happens if information is received simultaneously in two modalities, say – vision and hearing. It also suggest learning is enhanced if study material is organized and delivered in specific sequence.

Audio-Video Content in specific sequence created scientifically using technology made this principal reality. This is improving quality and speed of education and more learning in lesser time. Another important impact of Technology is for differently abled children education. It is scientifically proven fact that Neurology learning happens only up to the age of 7 Yrs. If child having hearing or oral disability did not get the education of sign language then child may be deaf for whole lifespan. Information Technology plays big role here. An estimated 360 million people worldwide suffer from hearing loss. Researchers in China have created the Kinect Sign Language Translator, a prototype system that understands the gestures of sign language and converts them to spoken and written language—and vice versa.

Learning through Video Games:

Video Games are popular across all age group. Keeping attention of students in lecture for 45 minutes is very difficult. After 15-20 minutes, mind and attention of students get distracted. Teaching speed, content, duration for every student varies as per their ability to make it
more effective. “Learning through Video Games” is a new concept emerged. “SimArchitect” is a simulation game and social connection site developed by IBM Center for Advanced learning. Here dummy client approaches to players and puts a request for proposal. Players has to do virtual meetings with clients and team and finally submit Solution Approach. In Video Games, players are psychologically enter into role which they are playing. Typically it is being called as “Avatar” and according they start behaving.

3D Printing in Education System:

3D Printing is another opportunity being used in Education System. Harvard University Semitic Museum uses 3D printing to demonstrate damage artifact from their collection. In Indian Context, you can imagine 3D printing can demonstrate and explain full structure of Ajanta caves which is damaged to large extent today. Archaeology students can actually live the history in present and learn it at much faster rate. Student of Astronomy in one of the schools has used 3D printing to demonstrate their experiment of Mission to Mars and actual 3D model of rocked was launched.

MOOC - Massive Open Online Courses:

Make it available to everyone than few. These are the courses which aimed at unlimited participation and Open access to learning material. Apart from traditional course material MOOC also provides interactive users forum to support community. People can join these MOOC without any fee. Cloud is being used to handle such heavy traffic and load.

Risk and Challenges:

Now, let’s look at second side of Coin – what are challenges and risk in education system due to Technology. In one of the survey, it was found that 2/3 of teachers were not comfortable using new technologies and certainly this is not good sign. No or slow adoption of technology in teacher will imbalance the education system and will slow down the teaching – learning process.Another big risk– who will authenticate information made available online? There will be different forms and representation of one information. Authenticating this will be challenge.

However; according to me positive impact is more than negative. There is not system or technologies exist in universe which does not have negative side. It is Man who uses this in right spirit and way. We can say – education in past was centered around teaching and learning however; information technology has made education as process of creating, preserving, integrating, transmitting and applying knowledge. Finally, I feel technology has been an agent of change in education system.