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JVS Technologies: Integrating Patients Health Records for a Healthier Future


Healthcare industry is taking large steps towards digitization. From archiving mounds of paper based health records to going paperless, is actually quite the leap. Adoption of maintaining patient records in an electronic format is being welcomed with open arms today. But physicians have to log onto various systems to view patient data and it consumes a lot of their time.Patients being the top priority, physicians today want integrated EMR solutions to have patients’ all data in one place and easily accessible. JVS Technologies, with 14 years of experience in Healthcare IT industry has indirectly touched lives of 1.5 million patients worldwide with innovative software products & solutions. With its recent launch of EHR connected Patient Health App “MyHealthData”; carrying physical health records to physicians will be thing of past and JVS will now directly connect with patients. This will be game changer for entire Healthcare IT Industry. There are very few companies in world providing all-in-one solutions to healthcare professionals.

SoftClinic EHR & HMS integrated solutions is a multilingual and easy to use software for physicians. It includes all the functionalities of Hospital Information System (HIS) and Electronic Medical Recording (EMR). SoftClinic has been developed in a scalable model where it can be used by a singly physician practice as well as by large hospitals to computerize entire facility. With SoftClinic, customers are assured that as their practice grows; they can scale up the application to fulfill
the needs.

SoftClinic comes with mobile apps for physicians to keep them connected with the patients’ data anytime-anywhere. It helps them in case of emergency to monitor patients’ vital health parameters like Blood Pressure & Diabetes and allow them to change the treatment as and when needed.

JVS has introduced MyHealthData, an EHR integrated Personal Health Records (PHR) app to enable everyone carry their medical records with them all the time and share with their family and physician in case of need. All the stored data is encrypted to keep it secured. The app is integrated with SoftClinic EHR to allow access to personal health data from the EHR. This will help people compile their health information and use it to improve their health.

JVS keeps small team of intelligent people and accomplish more using the best of the technology available. This is the core value that drives JVS. At JVS, employees are passionate about how they can impact today as well as the future of world with help of their ideas. Saket Singhi, Founder and MD, JVS Technologies reveals the company’s future plans, “With it’s vast experience, innovative solution along with 1.5 million registered patients on SoftClinic EHR, JVS is well positioned to reap the benefits from the high growth rate of mobile health market, which is expected to reach $51.6 billion by 2020. For future growth, JVS also has plans to bring investors on board and take the company to stock market in the near future.