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Inube: Setting a benchmark in Cloud Computing for BFSI


Although India has noticed a considerable amount of cloud awareness, yet when it comes to adoption, companies remain skeptical. Concerns regarding security are paramount, posing a challenge for enterprises. What companies fail to understand is that, lift and shift of legacy applications onto Cloud will not have any security impact, from moving them into the cloud data center. Providing clarity to this blurred vision, about what security risks need and how to mitigate it through cloud solutions, is Bangalore based,iNube Software Solutions. Deliberating on how to use Cloud, Saas and Domain to provide a unique offering in the market, Inube under the leadership of Vinodkumar Iyer, Co-Founder and CEO, chose insurance as a niche domain owing to the BFSI sector going through a lot of turbulence with regards to newer technologies posing bigger security threats.

Being early adopters of the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, iNube has been building cloud solutions since the year 2010. “We embarked on identifying white spaces in the Insurance domain and started building solution offerings on SaaS model and we built our first Cloud enabled Product offerings in the Health Insurance segment, providing complete end-to-end Claims Management for India’s prestigious RSBY (Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana) healthcare program”, says Iyer. Thus,iNube was incorporated in August 2010 as a state of the art Software as a Service provider.

Evidens Helping Enterprises Configure, Deploy and Use

Specializing on SaaS offerings and providing ready to use solutions, Inube benefits its customers as they no longer spend Capex on Infrastructure, Software, Support or License. Industries therefore, go through a transformation with each unit working on individual core strengths, delivering high quality services at the lowest economics. Moving on, with a key focus on building solutions, iNube is today extending its enterprise solutions into the mobility space.

Providing enterprise solutions in the mobility space, the company, through Evidens, an insurance centric mobile application, helps enterprises configure, deploy, and use mobile applications for their on-field activities. Evidens thus, puts the enterprise in a unique position as mobile applications used for on field activities help capture data and audio visuals, and transmit to the requester on a real time basis. Enterprises therefore, are able to deliver a higher TAT (Turn Around Time) with increased customer value.

Exploring the US and Middle East

Having a fixed vision of providing insurance domain intrinsic solutions, iNube looks ahead in exploring the US and Middle East markets. Being a provider of unique SaaS based products, the company plans to aid the health insurance and healthcare segments adopt SaaS models, at an economical cost. Having good Indian customer success stories in the Middle East market, the company thereby looks forward in socializing its industry solutions in the coming years and strengthening its hold over providing the best of breed cloud solutions for BFSI.