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Integration Wizards- Presenting the Silverline for ‘Cloudy’ Mobility Challenges


Over the last few years enterprise mobility has quickly metamorphosed from desirable to indispensable. Those organizations that have managed to stay ahead of the curve have had a very tangible advantage over their competitors. However, staying ahead of the curve comes at a significant cost. With rapidly changing technological paradigms and the constantly changing standards of user experience with respect to mobile apps thatrequire upgrades and even rewrites, the cost of building and managing the app is a major overhead on the overall cost of mobility programs.

Headquartered in Bangalore, Integration Wizards believe that customers should not suffer the cost burden that comes with building and maintaining the apps as they already incur considerable subscription costs by using apps. Staying true to their vision “Empower customers to mobilize their business processes in a Swift, Scalable, Secure and Seamless manner” the company proffers Silverline, a complete cloud based mBAAS(Mobile backend as a service) that allows building and deployment of enterprise mobile applications capable of running on various devices like iPad, iPhone, Android and Tablet.“Under our free enterprise apps program we work with our customers to build and customize an app based on their need, free of cost. These enterprise apps are based, hosted and managed on Silverline with zero intervention from the customers,” says Kunal Kislay, Co-founder and CEO.

Proffering Seamless Integration and Synchronization
A boon for SMBs and large enterprises alike, Silverline allows users to enjoy on demand scalability thereby saving them from the cumbersome process of hardware procurement/upgrade to scale. Moreover, providing a secure environment, Silverline furnishes a multi-layer asymmetric (AES256) encryption support that weaves through mobile devices, Cloud based server and the messagessent between device and Cloud thus ensuring that no un-encrypted customer data remains on the cloud, in transit or on the device. Moreover, providing a seamless integration, Silverline ensures that user notifications are independent from the running app. “In instances where the device is offline, notifications will be automatically stored and delivered as and when it becomes online. Additionally, when it comesto the synchronization front, Silverline is equipped with an intelligent synchronization engine that receives and uploads the necessary data on the device,” states Kunal.

Based on Microsoft Azure, Silverline provides a stable, scalable and secure platform for mobile application development, integration and deployment whileresponsibly relays information between the mobile clients and the enterprise systems like SAP and Oracle. “The Silverline Server is the result of a gradual learning process of several man years of enterprise mobility experience. Silverline server addresses the most common and obscure issues with enterprise mobility. For instance if querying inventory information from SAP ECC is slow, Silverline has a cloud cache to poll and maintain the information in the background without letting the users experience the sluggishness. As a result the end users will find it simpler to find their parts on Silverline apps as compared to SAP GUI.” Comments the CEO. What cannot be measured cannot be improved. Silverline’s mobile analytics enables customers to gain an insight into application usage and iron out any deficiencies. The Silverline dashboard is equipped with several prebuilt reports and ability to create new reports for real-time analysis of application performance while clients can manage their users through the management portal that includes authentication, defining application accesses and user roles.

With over 50+ man years of enterprise mobile application development, the company’s wizards have the right blend of experience and expertise to build quality applications based on Silverline platform across various mobile platforms andweb.“Our in-house team for enterprise mobile integration can build efficient and scalable integration solutions for most of the popular back office systems like SAP, IFS, Siebel, Peoplesoft, Oracle E-Business Suite, JD Edwards, Oracle on Demand and other home grown systems,” says Kunal. Apart from the Silverline, Integration Wizards suite of products includea comprehensive sales process management solution – “SPM” and a suite of enterprise mobile apps for IFS systems. Having served and partnered with numerous Fortune 500 companies, Integration Wizards intends to extend their services deeper into the SMB sector while expanding Silverline to support smart devices instead of just smart phones.