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Inspace Technologies:Streamlining the vision and mission of the customer through Technology Audit framework


Companies are challenged by the variety of technological issues, including security, governance and social media. Most IT audit functions cannot keep up, and eventually fails in providing optimized solutions to the customers. Most organizations do not even consider it as a necessity, to plan and institute, the IT audit coverage they require to assure critical IT operations, evaluate risk and provide a secure,available IT environment. Despite ongoing efforts to address information technology issues, IT audit functions are struggling to keep up with developments. A 2003 established IT and services company, Inspace Technologies understands the growing concerns related to Technology audit & hence, offers Technology Audit framework and methodology, (recognized by the Indian HRD Ministry)that helps in attaining the vision, mission and the business goals of the customer. Headquartered in Tamil Nadu, Inspace enables the organization leader to understand the present IT utilization levels. The Audit process typically begins by understanding the business goals of the customer. The managed IT services provider then offers its services of IT Audit which ensures detailed study of deployed hardware, software, security, MIS, and usability by end users. Other areas of study include identifying process coverage, data integrity, productivity improvements, reporting frequency and adequacy, training adequacy, and system availability. From optimizing technology in a cost effective way to resulting in meeting the actual business needs, Inspace is dominating the IMS sphere extravagantly.

The technology Consulting Services provider becomes a natural choice of its clients by being an external IT department. Inspace’s USP is that it is Partner & Principal neutral with respect to IT vendors. “We are product neutral, brand neutral company, without any tie-up with product principal company. Thus we are able to suggest and recommend unbiased solutions to our clients.” Says Balamurugan, Director, ITIS, Inspace Technologies.

Transitioning of ITIS (IMS) market towards cloud

Operating in IMS space, Inspace technologies perceived the importance of security amongst the other requirements. Therefore the company is functioning to strengthen the baseline security parameters on both realms - physical as well as virtual. This is done keeping in mind the fundamentals of ISO security aligned with CIA of the data, which is confidentiality, integrity and availability. “In order to circumvent the security products becoming obsolete, we recommended moving to cloud based security solution, wherein all the clients security requirements, be it firewall or Antispam, all can be managed on the cloud” adds Bala.

The ITIS (IMS) market is transitioning towards cloud and Inspace Technologies is all set and well equipped for both to create and adopt the market transition. The IMS provider aims to customize and align its services for Indian market.With a rich experience in understanding the gaps between client expectations and actual business need, Inspace brings value to its customer’s business.The core strength and focus of Inspace in the near future is "aligning technology investments towards business contribution" beyond its capabilities, team and presence across the globe, which is anyway on par to the global standards.