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Infinite Computer Solutions: In Relentless Exploration of Technology Horizons in IMS


Customers across the globe are looking to consolidate and rationalize their IT service operations for cost efficient and high quality services especially for smooth transition of existing infrastructure and then build a lean, efficient IT organization for their current and future IT needs. The need for outsourcing IT Infrastructure management has evolved as a strategic priority. Infinite focused on three key ingredients when working with any customer; "Highly Valued, Highly Strategic and Highly Reliable" partner. As a strategic partner to various customers globally in IMS related engagements, Infinite has helped its clients to identify and move from chaotic environments to more adaptable value environments that are strategically aligned along the lines of customer’s business goals. Infinite has been involved right from pre-design phase of its engagements and since the team is involved right from the "assessment" stage. The benefits to customers have resulted in reduced costs, improved service levels and increased agility. One of Infinite's customers has this to say about their service - "At Novatel Wireless, we have experienced the benefit of over 90 percent higher service delivery, be it the quality, scalability, flexibility or transparency of services from Infinite's Infrastructure Management Solution. Cost Efficiency and High Quality Services are key to our IT service operations and we are happy to see this as a reality working with the Infinite team." – Saeed Salimian, IT Head, Novatel Wireless , Inc.

Leveraging State of the Art Communication Technologies

Infinite has invested in cloud based tools and platforms specifically in the communications space, which has been a core contributing factor for their successful programs. One of the immediate benefits from this is being able to move away from fixed based pricing to device based pricing. Infinite's engagement models including New Age Flexible Solutions are designed to suit unique business challenges of their customers.With the use of these models, Infinite has become a preferred partner to several global companies including various Fortune 1000 companies.

The role of iTaaS for IMS solutions of Infinite

Within IMS, one unique service that Infinite offers to its clients is Infinite Tech-Support as a Service (iTaaS), which is a comprehensive cloud based offering that automates, standardizes, transforms and consolidates enterprise IT Infrastructure Management and Operations across the global enterprise in line with ITIL standards. iTaaS enhances the various modes of raising a ticket and tracking it as long as you are connected to the internet. With 24x7 cloud services, incident tickets can be raised through Phone, SMS, Web, Chat, E-mail, self-portal and events monitoring. At any given point, all stakeholders can track the ticket to closure anytime, any place catering to BYOD which is a growing requirement in IT management.