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Infiflex Technologies: Developing Applications and Leveraging easy-to-use Solutions on Cloud to Enhance Infrastructure Stability


SMBs are dealing with on-going hassles of maintaining the in-house infrastructure, scalability and performance that hinder operational management. As a result, companies with high business requirements do not prefer to take the pain of managing in-house applications and opt for an attractive proposition which can get the most out of technology at a lower cost without any hassles. Infiflex Technologies, headquartered in Kolkata has found a way to get rid of the expensive ache of license policy, and ensure minimal infrastructure requirements. Incepted in 2010, the company has developed a cloud-based tool “Giffy” integrated with Google Apps which gives a platform to make capital from technology without paying for the entire software.

“Giffy has abstracted the process of moving to cloud and companies can focus on the business aspects rather than the technological aspects making it easier for them to make the shift towards cloud”. With Giffy you get a complete platform to explore and you just pay for what you use”, says Jude Mohanty, Founder, Infiflex Technologies. Leveraging its solutions within the framework “GIFFY”; Infiflex has built robust applications to aid the migration of legacy in –house systems to the cloud in a cost effective manner. Without dexterity and intricate engineering methods, development of applications calls for huge investments. While implementing or deploying an application on board, Infiflex uses Google’s infrastructure and tested technology which helps to build apps on the cloud within a short period of time. “Our focus is on building Giffy rather than investing time and money on the cloud platform. This gives us an added advantage of selling Giffy at a much lesser price as compared to our competitors”, adds Jude.

Advantages of Giffy over other Products
Managing updates and repeated software deployment are challenging aspects for every organization but Infiflex’s Giffy curtails the need for repeated deployments and grants customization of app as per requirement. “Once deployed in the cloud you can keep customizing the app without the need to go through the entire development cycle over and over again”, explains Jude.

The Road Ahead
The focus for building valuable product has been the cornerstone for Infiflex’s success which has enabled the company to build and implement robust application on the cloud. Moving forward, the company plans to create a strong and sharp technical team who can provide technical support to larger audience. “Our next step would be tying up with consulting companies to use our product in developing their cloud projects. Having the first mover advantage in the cloud arena we see a bright future for our company”, concludes Jude.