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Identifying Tools for Building a Smart Datacenter


Energy consumption in data centers is growing rapidly. Combined with growth in the IT industry and rising energy prices, energy consumption adds a significant burden on the operating costs, and challenges India’s sustainable growth. The datacenter in the country looks positive now but is still in a very early stage with respect to the references made to ‘Digital India’ and ‘Make in India’ initiatives. Moreover, once these initiatives off and find a global front.This would lead to a huge growth in data center space. But what is fuming datacenters these days is the need to connect to the end customer, irrespective of the industry or category the customer is in. Today the advantage for the end customer is not the sales person or not the marketing strategy, but the IT. The technology they are using is smartly driving the experiences. And therefore, to engage customers what companies need is the evolved infrastructure, i.e. datacenter which can deliver what market is demanding. The businesses that are looking at their datacenters have to update their IT processes. The firms are doing it, with in-house resources or by outsourcing them. So their urge to high acute power, is increasing exponentially that will lead to data center growth.

I believe the large houses, the enterprise class organizations are feeding up the datacenters and the SMBs and SMEs are joining the band wagon to set up datacenters. Let’s say a SMB has 10 computers and now they are putting up 25 computers in an organized manner in a building to call it a datacenter. So the number of datacenters theoretically is increasing but in terms of actual volume of growth, datacenters are mainly driven by large enterprises. And in order to cater to the growing demands of the market, R&D labs are growing really fast to suffice the business needs and the requirements of the market. However, the truth is also that large organizations don’t get the pinch if their datacenters are running inefficiently but as far as SMBs are concerned, they have to extract every rupee they have invested in their datacenter. So it’s important for SMBs and SMEs that whatever infrastructure they deploy, it is of sufficient capacity and no storage is being wasted. This calls for the need to deploy tools which have optimized and managed datacenter.

Learning Power Management to Eliminate Wastage
While the impact of data center energy in India is yet to be quantified, the exponential growth of software and services businesses indicate that the energy challenges to the data center industry and opportunities for energy efficiency need greater attention. Raritan understands the power consumption patterns of the client’s equipment and datacenter. Let’s say a client has 1000 KW of power which is being provisioned into datacenter. Firstly, Power is used with the assumption that one would utilize 60-70 percent of the deployed amount. But in reality client is using just 25-30 percent of the power provisioned to the datacenter, giving way to a huge amount of excess capacity which exists, but client doesn’t know exactly where to keep. Secondly the client is unnecessarily paying bills for it. So organizations need tools to identify where is the excess capacity and how much is the excess capacity so that the firm can start utilizing the excess capacity within their datacenter. It will also help organizations optimize the tools to upgrade the datacenter.

We, at Raritan provide a product- KVM to allow access to equipment in the datacenter and IT servers remotely. Unlike other products in the market, KVM allows access to datacenter even if the server is down or crashed and even if one is not physically sitting in front of the server. This helps clients in reducing the downtime, and power to manage the tools remotely.

Moreover, as firms realize the need to deploy datacenters, the industry will also watch data centre getting intelligent in upcoming years and run by fewer people as compared to today. CIOs have to build intelligence in the data centers which would allow them to manage more efficiently and remotely. Datacenters in the future will be depending more on tools than people. The future will be all about containerized datacenters, with IT equipment, cooling, UPS, and everything packaged in one wrap, that will serve as the basic building block of Smart Datacenters.