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Idealantis: Metrics Driven Approach for Building Enterprise Architecture


Enterprise Architecture solutions are now moving towards emerging technologies such as cloud and enterprise mobility. The evolution has been from on premise data centres to cloud based services like Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS). Although most companies have a dedicated enterprise-architecture department that oversees the entire systems architecture, including business processes and IT infrastructure; but not all companies agree on what constitutes best practice in EA management. It is because some companies are focused on continually measuring IT performance and adjusting business processes and systems. While others proclaim the importance of aligning the overall IT architecture with those of the individual business units. Additionally, some believe that good governance can happen only if they have empowered EA leaders who promote collaboration and accountability among teams in IT and business functions.

In fact, there are very few benchmarks that enterprises can use to build a world class IT organization. Hence, business decision makers and stakeholders are looking for such a solution provider who can make this link measurable and quantitative. Considering various challenges of various SMEs, Hyderabad based Idealantis ensures to provide business stakeholders with tools to measure, analyse and monitor the business impact of technology.” Our team’s global experience and battle tested processes provide the required edge to design, architect, develop and deploy world class products,” shares Sai Panyam, Managing Director at Idealantis.

Idealantis with its focus and expertise on cloud based solutions using IaaS and PaaS from Amazon Web Services and Azure is poised to address EA based issues in a cost effective manner. Sai further explains that his team leverages a lot of collaboration tools which automate and regulate the whole process with repeatability, traceability and accountability. “Our metrics driven approach helps clients see the effect of the solutions in a transparent manner,” adds Sai. Through metrics driven process clients are also able to see their estimated costs on a timeline and as a function of business value.

While providing Cloud Solutions, Idealantis Technologies also ensures to help clients validate and prototype ideas, architecture and technology. “We help clients address the enterprise-architecture implications of responding to a new strategy, replacing a core system, market pivots, addressing competition etc. As organizations strive to improve responsiveness, we can help them design & implement an architecture that reduces time to market for customer-facing functionalities by 40 to 60 percent,” emphasizes Sai.

He adds that his team’s approach has been to align the perspective of stakeholders with that of the IT function by bringing wealth of business experience and understanding to bear the overall design of the IT architecture. Through this process, Idealantis Technologies team complements the work of the IT team by balancing the technical aspects of design with the needs of the business. “Our goal is to help organizations achieve their target design by creating clear road maps, devised in conjunction with the client, that make the business benefits of change both transparent and achievable,” concludes Sai.