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Helical IT Solutions


Asuccessful corporation balances all its verticals in many ways. It may be regarded to their core business area or internal administration and management. BI is an area where entrepreneurs look upon as an outsourcing option. Entrepreneurs such as Nikhilesh Tiwari and Nitin Sahu, Co-Founder, provides such services to industries that look forward to the best in BI solutions. HelicalTech, headquartered in Hyderabad. provides simple, practical and affordable solutions to CEO, CXO, line managers and to every end user of the enterprise by leveraging its expertise in the space of Big Data and analytics.

Services are made simpler and cost effective by adopting open source software as the main platform to provide a range of solutions in Data Warehouse BI, Operational Data Store and also on transactional databases using open source stack such as Jaspersoft, Pentaho, Talend and Liferay to name a few. Apart from providing services such as ETL, Jaspersoft BI, Pentaho BI development and consultation, the company also offers the best-of-breed or the customized solutions to cater to each of the clients requirements.

One of the achievements by the team Helical is providing an end-to-end technology stack on Operational Intelligence Platform for Vortecy, one of their clients in the energy sector. The work on transactional database and analytics on data integration have proved their efficiency which has spread the word among similar industries.

Smart work, innovation and dedication have proved the Helical IT team to standout among their competitors leading to gain clients. "In our endeavor to provide the best solution to our clients, we are always experimenting and applying out-of-the-box solutions which can not only benefit the clients but also the community at large", says Nikhilesh Tiwari.

Moving forward, the Helical team looks forward to build a developer-friendly open source BI product that can be used as a plug-in with the existing open source BI products which are Jaspersoft and Pentaho. Another project that the team is working extensively on is building a BI product that is sector specific and marketing directly to the concerned industries. Moving forward, the company looks set to take giant strides by leveraging cloud and Big Data and throw a few surprises to the big players in the industry.