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GrayMatter: Leading the Shift from Tactical to a Strategic BI Approach


Business Intelligence has suddenly burst into the mainstream market today with large and medium scale organizations adopting the phenomena to derive business value which is synonymous with driving higher revenues, reducing costs, improving compliance and enhancing customer satisfaction. With time, the industry is also witnessing a shift in focus from tactical to strategic approach towards BI.

Organizations are evolving and getting oriented towards supporting business intelligence strategically for diverse users and in applications. GrayMatter Software Services Pvt. Ltd, headquartered in Bangalore, having delivered over 100+ successful Business analytics projects, has been at the forefront of this shift of approach and has incorporated Business Intelligence consulting, Data Analytics and Reporting tools deployment as a part of the organization's core DNA. In sync with this strategy, is their collaborative engineering efforts with technology platforms like Pentaho, SAP Analytics stack and Oracle BI tools.

The key reasons behind the unsuccessful deployment of most BI projects is the inability of business users to define how the BI system should be architectured to meet defined business goals of the project; Additionally, the inability of IT team to understand business needs and to convert them into the right BI solution; coupled with tools and technology stacks from multiple vendors only adds to the challenges of the customer. GrayMatter addresses these challenges by providing services in BI, Analytics and Data Sciences which are routed through a unique industry specific solution development approach with a potent mix of expert domain and technology consultants working together. The company helps organizations in reducing BI and Analytics costs for end-users, delivering state-of-the-art enterprise wide reporting/decision enabling solutions and increasing collaboration.

GrayMatter's singular focus is on developing pre-built industry specific vertical BI solutions as well as horizontal functional BI solutions neutralizing many of the past challenges in a BI deployment. The company today handles solutions that have its success with Airport Analytics, Insurance Analytics, Finance Analytics, Manufacturing Analytics and Human Resource Analytics. These factors have been central for the company enjoying a far quicker 'time to market' plus a high adoption rate in most of its BI projects across the globe. "It is the single-minded approach of the company to bring early global implementation learning to the table creating a common approach framework for BI, Analytics and Data Science practice which has brought consistent successes for it like becoming Pentaho USA’s largest strategic engineering & implementation partner worldwide and executing over 100+ successful implementations globally and bagging a multi-million dollar BI deal with Stream Global, the world's leading BPO provider based out of the US", says Vikas Gupta, CEO & CTO, GrayMatter.

The day is not far, when the BI & Analytics trends will shift from the current pure play BI tools to BI applications. GrayMatter is confident that the unique approach that it deploys to its BI implementation will ensure greater adoption rates, reduce time to market and bring down TCO drastically, creating several best practices along the way to be replicated by the BI and Analytics world.