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Glopore IMS: Is here to deliver top notch services through its Druthers


Technology has become pivotal to home and business alike with homes and offices becoming increasingly wired. Reliance on technology, efficiently calls for expertise that often may not reside within. GLOPORE IMS aims to be this expert that can manage the complex IT environment of large enterprises in one avatar while providing quick fixes to technical problems that hassle the home user in another. The raison d’ etre of GLOPORE IMS, a pure play IT Infrastructure and Service Management company, is to deliver top notch services to fulfill this market need through its portfolio of Managed IT Services, Remote Technical Support and Transformation Consulting Services. GLOPORE IMS's understanding of the shared services IMS business and its experience in serving both companies and end users has helped shape its B2C service strategy. The company serves a global customer base that includes names such as Pearson, Accenture, Campus Management, Tata Interactive, NEC, OnMobile, & Talisma Corporation. "The extensive country-wide service delivery reach that covers over 6000+ locations across 580+ cities in India will prove to be our trump card to reach out to SMBs and consumers spread across the length and breadth of the country". Adds Sudha Kumar, CMO, GLOPORE IMS.

The Trump card of its success
GLOPORE IMS is led by an excellent leadership team with strong academic (Babson, 3 IIMs: IIM-A, IIM-B, IIM-C, and Harvard) background and global IMS/ITSM industry experience. Since its inception, GLOPORE IMS has developed highly matured shared services delivery capabilities with ISO/IEC 27001:2005 and ISO/IEC 20000:2011 certification. While it is not uncommon to find remote - centered consumer tech support models or rudimentary localized onsite models, GLOPORE IMS has thought ahead of the curve and crafted a hybrid model that comprises an optimal combination of remote and onsite support. And that is where its existing service network gives it a great competitive edge to serve end-to-end.

Envisioning a Ubiquitous presence in every Domain
the vision and mission of the company is to make its GLOPORE brands names such as the IMS, Geeks and geekstree – the preferred and ubiquitous technology support brand for large enterprises, mid-sized companies and end consumers or households respectively. "Just as power, water, and TV have become an integral part of every household, so will smart devices. Consequently, we want to make geekstree the trusted brand in every consumer household that owns a smart device in India”, avowed Satish founder, Chairman CEO. The GLOPORE IMS team however is confident about making this happen, having laid a strong foundation of their go to market strategy for expanding the footprint of their business to consumers and households. With their strong customer value proposition and bias towards action, the team is determined to make a dent in the market.