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GajShield: Making a Safer Environment for the Internet-Generation Businesses


In an increasingly connected world - of Social Media, Mobility, and Cloud - the need for greater intelligence and insight will give businesses a stronger and smarter security stance. However, the complexity of the new digital environment is implying some radical new approaches when it comes to security. Being dependent on simple monitoring and traditional security tools is no longer enough. Security experts need broader insights, which can be provided by security analytics and context based tools, to detect and investigate threats. Context- based security tools are not meant to replace existing security controls and applications, but rather complement them.In an attempt to contain a plethora of potential cyber threats that can harm the internet-generation businesses, Mumbai, Maharashtra headquartered GajShield, offers complete security solutions including network security and Email security.

GajShield Next Generation Firewall Appliances leverages the Layer 7 application visibility to identify exactly which application, threat vector and user, makes the network vulnerable thereby increasing visibility, security and performance. It allows creating user based policies across Firewall, IPS, URL Filtering, Data Leak Prevention, BYOD, ISP Failover & Bandwidth Management and P2P & IM control,hence giving granular and complete control of the Security implementation.

Enterprises rely on the Internet to run mission-critical business applications that drive their productivity and profits and if the physical connection or the ISP goes down, organization’s vital link to the Internet goes down as well, affectingthe revenue, customer satisfaction, partner relationships and employee productivity. GajShield’s ISP Failover & Load Balancing allows enterprises control and distribute traffic across multiple internet links. GajShield’s high availability clusters along with Centralised Management Tools, provide ease of management to enterprises and MSSPs.

Zero Hour Security

Viruses, worms and Trojans today target the primary weak-spot in any anti-virus technology i.e the time it takes for new signatures or heuristics to be developed and distributed. GajShield UTM appliances integrate Zero-Hour Virus Outbreak Protection to shield enterprises in the earliest moments of malware outbreaks, and right through as new variants emerge. Zero hour antivirus provides Signature-less protection, which is an essential complement to traditional AV technologies.

Also, GajShield provides enterprises the proactive virus detection required to close the early-hour vulnerability gap during which millions of users are infected. “Our proactive virus detection capabilities ensure users' protection hours before signatures are released”, says Ritesh Mhadgut, Vice President Corporate Strategy and Business Development, GajShield.

Being the first Indian security company with an ICSA Labs certified product, GajShield also is the first to launch Context based Data Leak Prevention System on firewall appliances in 2007. As envisaged by Ritesh; new vulnerability and security demands will rise to 30 percent with the emergence of IoT devices in the near future. The company is therefore all set to invest heavily on devices to cater to the security needs of not only human-to-human, but also machine-to-machine interactions.