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"When my father takes his regular blood pressure measurement in India, my office room in US turns reddish or greenish tint to indicate the degree of concern, This is just one of the examples of how the connected world changes everything.” says Alok Sinha, CEO, Globus Eight.

Founded by a group of like-minded alums of IBM, AT&T and Harvard Business School, Globus Eight is a startup company, comprising of a core team that cumulatively brings about more than 125 years of experience from diverse fields such as Hospitality, Healthcare, IT and Telecommunication. With corporate headquarters in Herndon, Virginia, USA and Indian headquarters in New Delhi; the firm has experienced a meteoric growth and established itself at a leadership position in IoT, healthcare and IS security space in a short span of time.

The company was established with the quest to provide innovative solutions in a simple to use format and with each of the core team members having succeeded in highly competitive corporate world. G8 converts technologies into businesses for real usage by consumers or corporate end users. G8 serves clients in India and abroad, with some big names like Deloitte India, for whom G8 has setup the IT/Security infrastructure for their Cyber Intelligence center. Moreover, G8’s IoT integration platform- LifeOn is leveraged by dozens of customers, real-estate, healthcare in India and USA.

Addressing Information Security Needs of Healthcare Industry
Globus Eight has been the first choice for more than a hundred healthcare organizations in USA, where the firm helps them to maintain privacy compliance, vulnerability assessment and security risk assessment. Additionally, Globus Eight also offers secure desk-side support for the IT systems. “Globus Eight remains the first choice of Healthcare industry in USA as it brings together domain expertise of the industry and hard-core technical strength to build a robust, secure and reliable solution for the most demanding needs” affirms Marni Ehrlich, COO- US operations.

As healthcare facilities in India and United states move into online world, they become increasingly more vulnerable to a wide variety of security threats. And as country-specific healthcare guidelines mandate varying levels of security under its “environment of care” standards, it is left to each practice and healthcare organisation to decide on the right tools and solutions to meet their security and facility needs. Globus Eight understands that the first responsibility of any healthcare organisation is to ensure quality care and safeguard protected health information (PHI), and thus in terms of healthcare customers G8 provides extensive security services that span from risk assessment to providing solutions using LifeOn tools.

LifeOn - IoT platform for all your smart devices
Ubiquitous Internet connectivity and devices would present organizations with tremendous opportunities to create innovative products and services, drive down operational costs and serve up additional revenue streams. In fact, the most forward-thinking businesses are already reaping the benefits of embracing IoT, which includes improved business productivity and efficiency. But before IoT’s potential can be realized, organizations must deal with shortcomings in IT standards, skill sets, and data and infrastructure management capabilities. Unlocking the true potential of IoT devices with an integrating platform- LifeOn for all possible devices is Globus Eight. “LifeOn unifies the currently isolated world, in which each device can be controlled by anyone.” claims Alok.

The company successfully deploys LifeOn to offer smart and affordable automation solutions with seamless integration of Lighting, Security, Media, Electrical and IoT devices. The platform blends several applications and services to provide flexible integration of devices and cope with the most challenging connectivity problems. LifeOn allows to connect ‘almost any’ IoT device, service and get seamless experience of integrated use, analytics and cognitive blend. The LifeOn key metrics measure the different aspects of business and tracking efficiency, performance of inbuilt systems as well as server acquisition and retention. Besides, the platform provides the ability to monitor IoT devices which offers REST APIs that can integrate with any device technologies such as- Zigbee, Zwave, NFC, Bluetooth, GSM, or Wi-Fi. The platform ideally offers smart and affordable automation solutions with interwoven devices of home automation, vehicle automation, media management, wellness and concierge services to give consumers a truly luxurious lifestyle.

G8 Eco App- Next Generation Desktop Device
IoT may sound like a futuristic term, but it is already here and improving lives. Multiple machines, devices and appliances connected to the Internet through several networks are providing consumers and businesses with innovative new services. Based on the needs of every organization and individual needs, Globus Eight has created a highly customized, strong kernel integrated free operating system, the Eco App. Built around an ARM processor, the app is designed for stability, security and performance; and works with all OS like Linux and Android.

"Our customers in the Education, Retail/Reality/Hospitality, Healthcare and Enterprise sectors find G8 Eco App, a reliable, cost effective and a powerful replacement for their desktop needs." claims Alok. The app accomplishes features to benefit all possible domains.
Education institutes provide the Eco App to students; and install Monitors and keyboards in class rooms and labs. The students use the G8 Eco app in college campus and when home connect the App to TV to work on his assignments. Retail customers can use this product as an excellent Digital Signage player. Besides, for Healthcare customers, G8 Eco App comes as a pre-assured HIPAA- Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 by United States legislation that provides data privacy and security provisions for safeguarding medical information- compliant device to access EMRs.

PicUntu for the Linux World
Globus Eight prides being the first in the world, to have created a completely new Linux distribution on the Pico computer, derived from Ubuntu, called PicUntu, that offers almost the complete range of applications that would run on a normal Linux world. PicUntu is complete with features of an open office (Libreoffice), video players, graphics, internet, messaging, collaboration, remote desktop access and remote management.

Flexible Work Culture to Engage Employees
Talking about the work culture of G8, Mitash Gera, Assistant Manager- IP operations says “Learning is a religion in Globus Eight, we learn every hour of the day and every day of the month. On job learning is just one of the options available. For high performance individuals, Globus Eight offers support programs - little wonder that almost all of us are certified in the areas of our choice career paths.” The employee friendly environment of Globus Eight, where flexible timings do not measure the input but focus on the output ensures smooth running of operations. The organization customizes career options for each employee and encourages employees to work in their area of expertise and develop their own techniques to make work easier and interesting. Moreover, to engage every employee, G8 has a telescopic appraisal system that rewards high performers several times a year. Upendra Kumar, Program Manager quips, “If there is a new gizmo available in market, our team gets to play with it, within the first month of its launch, they love it”

Army of Recognized Industry Experts
“Value proposition we bring to customers is not from an average startup organization, but the industry experience that team G8 has.” claims Alok. Talking about the whole idea of company’s inception, the CEO tells that after 23 years of experience at leadership position with big organizations like IBM and TATA, at global level, Alok decided to quit his job. His industry experience along with the understanding of technology world by the management team made the firm a reality. Marni Ehrlich, another name from senior management of G8 has been a veteran of two decades of senior management experience in Health care, Telecommunications, Internet services, Wireless communications, Software development and e-business services. Ehrlich held the positions as CEO of NetSat Express (a leading global provider of Telemedicine to rest of world markets), Director of Global Industries at IBM and Director of Internet Services at AT&T.

Apart from a highly experienced management team; G8 has an advisory board possessing years of industry experience. Pradeep Gupta, Chairman & MD of CyberMedia, India’s leading specialty media house and a public company with an ICT focus is one of the advisory board members of G8. Pradeep has held positions like Past Chairman, Pan IIT India; President, Association of Indian Magazines; and Governing Board Member, IIT Mandi to name a few.

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