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F-Secure: Battling Evolving Cyber Threats via ‘Protection Service for Business’


The threat landscape has changed dramatically and cyber crime is now a highly sophisticated business that is getting bigger every day. As new threats are discovered daily it takes an equally capable vendor who can help clients manage their cyber security issues efficaciously. F-Secure, headquartered in Finland with its Indian office in New Delhi; go beyond malware protection to provide avant-garde end-point protection and security management solutions to its clients.

The company proffers Protection Service for Business that showcases tools like Patch Management and Mobile security such as wifi– protection, and malware prevention that enables clients to exploit their security budget to the maximum. F-Secure further allows for remote deployment, automatic removal of old anti-virus software while nullifying hardware set up thus making the installation process easy for clients. An established vendor offering layered protection using next generation technologies, F-Secure has been a forerunner in behavioral detection and security cloud to complement the industry’s best signature based solutions. Similarly, the company’s solution helps clients to protect all end points; from computers to mobiles and servers while blocking advanced and zero day attacks via DeepGuard. Moreover, as the company extends monthly licensing, customers are endowed with ‘pay-as-you-use’ policy, thus disburdening them of excess outages. The solution further patches exploitable vulnerabilities caused by missing security patches and prevent harmful scripts, malware and improper content during web browsing. Furthermore, they provide real-time threat intelligence via the F-Secure Security Cloud while ensuring clients security with multiple layers of complementary technologies. "F-Secure’s Offering Portfolio makes life simple, as it works flawlessly, leaving no vulnerabilities. With Connection Control, Web Content Control and Advanced Protection, the solution offers more control over security and productivity," says Jimmy Ruokolainen, VP Product Management.

Leveraging Expertise to Defend Consumers against Cyber Threats

The Rapid detection Service from F-Secure's Suite of services is based on Sensor technology that can be implemented in the customer's environment, both on-premises and Cloud. The information gathered is then correlated via F-Secure's advanced analytics and machine learning which zeroes-in on discrepancies and mitigate them as and when they occur. Moreover, the company gathers forensics of the particular issue to figure out remedies for future instances. Leveraging more than 25 years of experience in defending enterprises and consumers against everything from opportunistic ransomware infections to advanced cyber attacks, the European cyber security company has been addressing the growing need to protect servers, PCs, laptops and mobile devices from modern day attacks and their devastating consequences. Protecting business in over 100 countries via a strong network of over 6000 resellers and 200 operator partners from more than 25 offices and security labs worldwide, F-Secure’s innovative technology of Automatic Patch Management helps eliminating up to 80 percent of common malware by up to-date patching of OS & 3rd party applications.

Having won the coveted AV-TEST Best Protection award 4 times in a row, F-Secure intends to leverage their Big Data analytics and Cloud prowess to rise as a leader in the Cyber Security domain while extending special focus on the SME segment.