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FSL Software Technologies: A Unique Mantra for Managing Compliances


Enterprise governance, risk and compliance have become critical to business management today and to ensure compliance with the provisions of all applicable laws, every organization regardless of its type requires a holistic, connected methodology designed to protect and enhance business value by fostering a regulatory risk-aware culture. FSL Software Technologies Ltd, headquartered in Noida, fosters this culture and weeds out every premonition of non-compliance by providing enterprises with the facility of keeping control of all compliances across all locations and ensuring that all tasks are done on time with proper documentation. The company provides comprehensive software for the top management of organizations to know the status of every applicable compliance norm, across multiple locations and in various departments, thereby avoiding non-compliance, penalties and harassment.

“Organizations operating from multiple locations have various compliances handled by different people due to which it becomes a challenge to manage compliance centrally. Our product, ‘Compliance Mantra’ is a tool that creates a centralized repository of all the compliances and helps in highlighting the compliances that require attention instead of listing tens of thousands of compliances that an organization is responsible for.” says Sharad Jain, Director, FSL Software Technologies. The tool prevents enterprises from missing compliances while focusing on Business Operations, by acting as an assistant for compliance adherence. While tracking each and every compliance activity, it makes everything available on click and the online applications can be accessed via internet from anywhere. It also generates automated reminders for each responsible employee, with escalation feature for proper management and enables attachment of files (receipts, challans, forms etc), pertaining to each compliance which helps the organization to have a centralized database.

Being in management and corporate advisory roles for last 29 years through its key people, FSL has in-depth commercial and business domain knowledge through its proficient management team having more than 200 man years of experience. With extensive domain knowledge, the people at FSL continuously improve processes and enable accelerated delivery of world class solutions. The team consists of professionals from various domains, having strong management and industrial experience, and varied technical skill-set. The unique blend of chartered accountants and engineers ensures increased chances of success in implementing compliance mantra through quicker and realistic business process mapping. The in-house domain knowledge, understanding of service Industry and optimum utilization of resources make the company cost competitive.

FSL Software Technologies is looking forward to expand the business horizon with international tie-ups and presence in key global locations. Its presence in UAE equips it with the latest technologies and methodologies to work on a global platform. With currently operational offices in New Delhi, Noida, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Pune, Chennai and Ahmedabad, the company aims at expanding its reach to other big cities to cater to the needs of potential businesses and clients.