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ElegantJ BI: Managed Memory Computing - Business Intelligence Redefined


The Business Intelligence space is being redefined, as data grows BIG and applications wider. Days for traditional enterprise reporting are gone, and Business Intelligence tools are now being used for analysis in sales rooms to interactive discussion in boardrooms. These BI tools also are used as alternatives for conventional report writing tools. Deep diving into large data is now one of the key needs. ElegantJ BI provides an effective end-to-end solution for all these key business needs. This formidable browser based Business Intelligence Tool is an offering from Elegant Microweb Technologies founded in the year 2001, based in Ahmedabad.

ElegantJ BI meets the need to extract data from multiple sources, consolidate and analyze it in a simple, effective way. Using the power of the unique Managed Memory Computing developed by the team at ElegantJ BI one can put ElegantJ BI to use for wide range of application in the business environment.

"There is a major shift from static presentation driven meetings. Senior Management now expects the review meetings to be interactive and analysis driven" adds Kartik Patel; CEO and Founder, hinting that days for static presentation without interactive analytics are numbered. ElegantJ BI's unique engine puts aggregated MOLAP data in memory to provide a solution so as to visualize any complex data in seconds, be it the need of creating dynamic graphs, dashboards or presentations in a smarter way, or performing adhoc data mining on your complex reports.

Kartik Patel describes the product as one of the most Independent offerings in the market. The architecture of the product makes it uniquely independent of other systems and platforms. ElegantJ BI will perform on any operating system, will not need any other database for its operation, and you will have the freedom to even switch your ERP or other enterprise data sources without being bonded to any special skills or platforms. Our designing principles for the product are "Independence, Simplicity and Comprehensiveness" he says.

ElegantJ BI nullifies the stigma of medium-size providers unable to provide high performance business solutions for enterprises while competing in with giant global corporations. One of their giant customers in the BFSI sector serving almost over a million clients with over 100 branches in India and in overseas use ElegantJ BI's tools for monitoring, reporting, publishing and for analyzing vast data coming from several enterprise data sources in a highly complex IT environment. ElegantJ BI strongly believes that making a simple product simpler is as good an innovation. With offerings like plug & play connectors for major ERP applications and BI templates for various industry verticals ElegantJ BI is globally simplifying the daunting task of high performance computing.