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Drone Aerospace Systems: Aspiring Aerospace Pioneers Throwing Light on the Ultraviolet Region of Space


The far ultraviolet region which is the least explored region of space can no longer be left in the dark as Bangalore based Drone Aerospace Systems is undertaking on a bold initiative in throwing light in this region of space. Founded in 2004 by Kishore Jonnalagadda, the company provides customizable solutions total or modular for aerial, terrestrial and hydrological applications. The portfolio is also elaborated towards design and development of unmanned airborne, ground based or water borne systems, low cost flying platforms, ground control systems, embedded solutions, and total solutions which can be customized. In other word, it does the design and development of autonomous and intelligent systems.
Drone Aerospace System's flagship product, AT91SAM7SEB is a starter kit and development system for Atmel's 32 bit SAM7s series of ARM based Microcontrollers. The AT91SAM7SEB kit with its rich set of peripherals is designed to greatly reduce the time taken to develop high performance embedded systems.
At present, the enterprise aspires to engage in space exploration by undergoing the development of a microsatellite subsystem which will be launched as secondary payload to aid in the exploration of the aforesaid region of space. Comprising of a team of experts from the area of Aerospace, Mechanical, Electronics, Software, Business administration and Military, and possessing state of the art facilities, the aviation enterprise continues to make its mark in this sector. It was awarded as the "BEST INNOVATIVE ENETRPRISE OF THE YEAR 2007-08" at the International Conference on Total Engineering, Analysis & Manufacturing Technologies in 2008.