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Crevavi Technologies: Professionals in Controlling Devices and Access to Data Anywhere, Anytime


Embedded system market size is expected to reach USD 18.61 billion by 2023, growing at 5.6 percent during the next six years as per research report by Global Market Insights, Inc. Innovation in technology along with mounting smart grid initiatives is likely to fuel industry demand. With growth and advancement in the field of electronics, wireless communications, networking, cognitive and affective computing and robotics, the Indian IT industry, with its traditional strength at managing services and developing software is ideally poised to tap into this large opportunity.

Although the Indian opportunity is high, the major challenge is to compete with the Global majors in the higher end of the products where both technology and cost is a challenge and sourcing of components is a problem due to higher lead time and extra cost for imports. In seeing the challenge, a diverse team of IT professionals from various backgrounds with experience in embedded technologies and domain knowledge of the industries came together to create the Mysuru based company, Crevavi.

Crevavi is a research oriented company working on futuristic technologies and delivering end-to-end solutions. Having professionals with over 50 years of experience and industry expertise in Software, Hardware and Mechanicals, Crevavi has an enormous edge over other organisations in Robotics, Automotive and Internet of Things. Crevavi’s software and hardware development expertise contributed to the automotive sector. Crevavi’s domain expertise in automotive software and hardware development has helped getting key design projects across the globe. Crevavi has delivered products to major automotive OEMs in Europe, USA and India.

Crevavi as a developer of innovative and technologically advanced product range offers four best in industry products: Crevavi Konnect, Home Automation, Kitbot warehouse automation and Robotics. “Crevavi Konnect” is an IoT based platform to remotely monitor and control Industrial equipments, Automobiles, Solar products and various other possibilities. The ability to communicate through GSM, CAN, WiFi, Bluetooth, Modbus and Profibus makes the product highly adaptable. Konnect provides real-time visibility into productivity and health of the device and gives predictive maintenance alerts and connects to the user anywhere in the globe.

Crevavi’s home automation product – the BT switch works on Bluetooth and eliminates the need of additional infrastructure like WiFi, routers, servers etc for automation within the house. This reduces initial investment as well as recurring cost. Crevavi’s Crebot is making a difference in the field of robotics in India. Crevavi has built prototypes in machine-learning, artificial intelligence, cloud robotics and collaborative robotics technologies for building service and practical robots in near future.

Crevavi aims to be a major solutions provider in ‘Industry 4.0’ (IoT/M2M/ Robotics) and ‘Connected Car’ domains. Crevavi’s focus is to be a 100 Crore company in next 5 years with presence in 3 continents (USA, Europe and Asia). Crevavi is now working on futuristic projects which include connected car, augmented intelligence in two-wheelers following AUTOSAR, ISO26262 and OBD-II standards. When asked about the methodologies followed in adapting to the changing market trends and evolving technologies, Ganesh Kini, Co-founder & Director of the company, says, “Crevavi is very conscious of the volatile market they are operating in. Crevavi follows constant experimentation and rapid-prototyping to adapt to changing market trends. This helps us in being ahead of the competition all the time”.