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CloudCodes: Enhancing the User Experience of Google Apps Customers by Strengthening Securing Controls


The landscape of application management has significantly changed with the advent of cloud technology. With cloud technology becoming pervasive in the competitive business climate, companies are looking forward to implement new cloud applications that can empower the whole IT team to increase the functionality and productivity of the team without making compromises with the security aspects. Customers managing apps using solutions that leverage cloud technology demand high usability with simple and intuitive experience so that they can use the basic functionality of the product without any manual. Google apps have been the solution to their demands and management clutters. However, few challenges in implementing Google Apps have annihilated the productivity dramatically with humongous IT cost. Currently when Google Apps are implemented for an enterprise, it allows the users to access consumer Gmail without any bounds. The smooth access to the consumer can in return turn out to be unfavorable for organizations due to the exorbitant cost involved with implementation of firewalls. CloudCodes, headquartered in Pune, Maharashtra leverages gControl- a cloud-based product which allows Google Apps administrator to block consumer Gmail within an enterprise without violating the corporate policy. Harboring more than 150000 users, gControl enables easy implementation of security and control within the organization. “We want be a leading provider of cloud products and services for Google apps globally and at the same time focus on building ecosystem of tools, applications and services around Google apps”, says Rahul Bhavsar, CEO at CloudCodes.

The Beginning of Cloud Journey
“Google For Work”- a google application has around five million customers and around 10,000+ partners across the world. Out of which 29 percent are from medium and large enterprises. These enterprises experience immense pressure to effectively use “Google for Work” to improve efficiency and productivity. However, few years ago, there were hardly any vendors who could provide security solutions on top of Google apps. For CloudCodes, Google Cloud Platform was just another break to grab the tangible benefits of Google apps. CloudCodes sensed the hidden opportunity and ventured into the Google app market which was naïve and raw. Like every other start up, CloudCodes too had its shares of highs and lows. Initially, the company grappled while deploying its solutions in complex environments but with continuous improvements in its approach to challenges, CloudCodes was able to roll out solutions and products for Google apps Customers seamlessly.
The company leaves no stones unturned to brace the security controls within its products and services. Believing in the power of innovation, CloudCodes introduces and releases new security features at a rapid pace. “There are 2-3 real competitors of us but most of their features are more of audit reports instead of security controls. We are the only one who provide preventive security controls”, claims Rahul.

Allowing Google Apps Administrator to manage and control the usage of Google Apps
Monitoring employee computer use while in the office can be an effective means of ensuring employees are focusing on work-related tasks and not spending half the workday on chatting or other irrelevant business. With gControl- a single sign on solution Google Apps administrator to control the access of consumer Gmail within the organization and report infringement of Gmail block policy to administrator, reporting manager and HR. Furthermore, gControl runs without use of any hardware-based firewall like MacAfee or Bluecoat but offers the same advantage.
Apart from the Gmail block features gControl complements the Google For Work functioning by providing features such as IP restriction, auto logout based on time restriction, password policy and Cloud Firewalls. “Every feature of gControl either complements or enhances the existing capabilities of Google For Work”, quotes Rahul.
Going Google was mountaineering as a challenge in Brazil as employees could access their accounts even after stipulated time period. “As per their regulations even accessing email after the stipulated time is a violation of law. This was becoming a showstopper for Google partners in Brazil”, states Rahul. However, with time based access feature in gControl, Brazilian administrators were able to comply with the regulations and implement Google For Work for their customers without impacting the productivity.

Moving Ahead
After establishing a strong foothold in the Cloud technology market, Cloud Codes envisages of becoming a preferred solution provider in the Cloud Application Security space. Having being listed in the “League of 10 in NASSCOM Emerge 50” in 2014, the company’s future seems to be bright and promising. After wooing 100K plus users with its solutions, the company plans to incorporate in other cloud application platforms such as sales force in the years to come.

Salient Features of gControl
• IP Restriction
• Time Restriction
• Consumer Gmail Block
• Session Time out
• Custom Login Page
• Forgot Password