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Clicklytics: Intelligent and Analytical Digital Traffic Materialization Platform for Hotels


With the advent of rapid growth of internet-based search hotel reservation websites and powerful search engines, customers can examine the hotel’s online presence and go ahead with the booking. However, the growth of online hotel booking is not uniform across all categories of hotels because of poor hotel information content and lack of responsiveness in websites. Failing to advocate the use of hotel websites as a powerful revenue and sales generating model has become a strong inhibitor to online transactions for many hotels in India. Inability to optimize online visibility and automate the reservation process for better guest engagement generates very low lead counts to the booking site. In addition, the visitors when challenged in finding information they require end up losing interest to that particular site and moves on to another hotel’s site. With such bottlenecks, hotels have gradually realized the importance of technology empowerment to boost their overall business strategies. Clicklytics, headquartered in Bangalore, Karnataka helps hotels to improve Digital Traffic Materialization. Combined with intelligence and technology, Clicklytics empowers hotels to utilize their websites for sales and revenue generation. “Tapping into the immense potential that hotels have through their online channel, Clicklytics provides for the transformation of a hotel’s website business potential into tangible business for the hotel. Furthermore, through minute attention paid to operational efficiency and technological indulgence, we offer hotels with services that are chargeable only on the materialization of bookings with guaranteed revenue”, says Rajesh Kumar Kotta, CEO, Clicklytics.
For hotels an online presence and visibility via their own websites is imperative as guest gain reliability on the hotel only after reviewing their original site and further proceed to booking. While ensuring the growth of the website platform with the requirements and needs of the hotel, Clicklytics, embarks on best industry technology, intuitive management applications and pay as you realize model to provide a roadmap to hotels towards sustainability. Currently, the hotel business in India is a local, transactional, low marginal, and operationally intensive. Additionally, uneducated labour force and highly regulated and political nature of the business have become the most painful head winds for entrepreneurs and managers. However, with Clicklytics’s analytical and intelligent features, such complexities can be simplified to increase scalability.
Leveraging an advanced analytics based lead conversion platform combined with human and machine intelligence for hotel websites, Clicklytics efficiently aids Hoteliers to bring technological empowerment to increase the bottom-line without additional operational spends. “Website lead conversion is an art that combines technology, analytics, automated machine sales and human intelligence driven marketing to build a comprehensive sales platform”, explains Rajesh.
Clicklytics has built its solutions keeping in mind about the fluctuating revenue of expensive hospitality business. Focusing on Revenue Maximization, Operational Optimization and Productivity Enhancement, Clicklytics provides solutions that help in Revenue generation with low sales and marketing costs, and optimization of operational costs.
One of the biggest advantages of social media is its ability to connect businesses with the customers. Many hotels have started building a strong media presence that helps to grab the attention of the customers and at the same time enhance its popularity. Along the same lines, Clicklytics’s solution helps hoteliers in aggregating the feedback and reviews from different resources and feed into operational processes of the hotel whilst having a say or influencing decision support system of the hotel.
With time Clicklytics has earned deep experience on digital marketing and become full-fledged to meet the digital demands of the customers. Focused on process excellence and intelligence, the company analyses and reports on hotels current decision-making process and real time interaction capabilities. “We just don’t offer products with features, we provide solutions that have lot of data analytics based logic and rules to help our customers decide on the fly to situations to optimize their bottom line”, quotes Rajesh. Going forward, the company wants to help hotels in building longer and lasting relationships with their customers.

Differentiating Factors
• End to End Process Automation at the smallest levels
• Standardized Operational Processes across every part of the organization
• Support and relationship management
• Aggressive goal to enable constant engagement with hotels’ website & Digital pipeline
• Intensive handholding of customers from website to hotel