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Chorus Call: Optimizing Enterprise Productivity through Customized Collaboration Solutions


Unified Communication Solutions have proven to be a boon to enterprises who want to gain the benefits of collaborative communications without incurring heavy travel costs. Chorus Call, headquartered in Pennsylvania offers conferencing solutions that have a proven track record of being key drivers to obtain ROI on collaboration solutions within enterprises globally.

New technologies such as cloud computing have transitioned from being a buzz word to become a critical component for businesses across sectors. However, businesses in India are advised to be cautious to take the leap since the technology is in the evolutionary stage. India in particular is a service oriented market where enterprise users will typically expect substantial hand holding to implement and adopt new technologies.

“A number of corporate customers are evaluating unified communications solution to facilitate better communication and improved productivity amongst their workforce. While the market offers a wide range of options - ranging from on premise solutions to Unified Communication as a Service, it is important that enterprises are cautious in making any large capital expenditures in this area or for locking in on any long term service commitments to allow users to adapt as technology evolves” says Jerry Bindra, MD at Chorus Call from their India HO in Mumbai. Addressing a gap in the market, Chorus Call offers innovative collaborative solutions customized specifically with the Indian market in mind. While presenting enterprises the flexibility of acquiring custom deployed On Premise solutions, they are also capable of offering completely managed On Cloud Solutions with 24/7 tech support and site certification.

Companies are looking for the perfect virtual office which can support all their business needs, drive productivity while offering economy. Chorus Call’s varied assortment of collaboration solutions along with our steadfast customer support provides customers with the exact level of collaboration required. The audio plus iPresent service is designed to ensure complete meeting manageability while including features like recording, text chat,polls and screen sharing to an audio conference. C-Meeting ( is Chorus Call’s flagship online collaboration solution offering a completely browser based platform to hold convenient business meetings. While their streaming solutions offer convenient access to broadcasters to connect to hundreds of thousands of participants using existing office infrastructure, Chorus Call also provides its users with convenient online portals for conference management as well as mobile apps which seamlessly connect participants to their conference.

Chorus Call is the only conferencing service provider who is also a global leader in the design and manufacture of teleconferencing technology platforms. They are well recognized for their high quality service standards and as testimony to this fact, they are the first and currently the only ISO 9001:2008 certified teleconferencing service provider in India. “Our pedigree as a technology and platform development company coupled with our competency as a global conferencing services company, uniquely positions us to work with enterprise customers to tailor make solutions optimized to meet their present needs while building a seamless path for future enhancements” explains Jerry.