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CareerVita: Managing the Complete Lifecycle of Virtual Interviews


Recent advancements in technology have allowed video to revitalize and reshape the hiring process. Video now plays a pivotal role in accessing talent pools, improving employer brand, and creating an attractive candidate experience; which is becoming more and more important in today’s competitive market. Virtual interview platforms have provided an inexpensive and time saving alternative for interviews. However, the providers of such platforms face the daunting task of managing the various strata of interview process. CareerVita, headquartered in Bangalore, manages the complete lifecycle of interview process through virtualization and enhances the mutual accessibility of applicant and recruiter.

Under the leadership of Founder & CEO, Girish Baliga, CareerVita has established itself in the market through its flagship product - CV360 Solution which clubs together the various stages of an interview - virtual prescreening, technical round and the HR round. CV360 is a platform which aims to connect job seekers with their hiring managers through video profiles thereby eliminating the sole dependence on paper-based resumes and assessments. The corporate set up a set of questions based on the nature of job and sends an email link to candidates. The candidates record their video which when completed; appear directly on the recruiter’s dashboard. The videos can be played in any browser, tab or mobile device. The recruiter can review, assess and share the video links with their peers or superiors involved in the selection process.

Proving its efficacy in the second type of virtual interview which is multi-way live interview, CV360 platform makes use of live video conferencing tools and in turn enables the recruiter to save a lot of money, time, resources, and travel. “The recruiters can schedule up to four-way live interviews for the selected candidates with hiring manager, talent head and HR manager who are in different locations on the same platform, to evaluate the candidate faster.” says Girish. In addition, they can keep a proof of the entire interview by capturing candidate details, recording & storing video interviews, assessment scores, etc, right from the start till the candidate is on board, which clearly eradicates fake candidates and enables audit trails in the hiring process of any Corporate.

CV360 platform can be used for internal hiring, client hiring, induction & training, and exit interview. Another added feature of the platform is that recruiters can have their uploaded documents and everything on a single final interview. It eliminates the problems like missing on records, certifications and the need for paper as all this can be done on a single repository. Hiring managers can avail candidate’s information with one click of the mouse from anywhere and at anytime.

Treading on the path of growth, CareerVita aims to provide an opportunity for the corporate to choose the right candidate as well as for the candidate to choose the right company. The organization plans to further improve the mutual accessibility of the candidates and recruiters.