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CSPF: Tailoring Ecosystem Solutions for 360 Degree Approach towards Zero Day Exploits


Information assets need to be safe-guarded by big and small companies alike. To protect business assets, organizations require enterprise-grade security system, which involves ‘Skills with Tools’ audit. However, many companies get deceived with ‘Tools only’ audit. As a result, IT departments responsible for auditing struggle with a variety of issues, which if not managed properly, can thwart the security and compliance efforts of even the most ambitious organizations. Delivering performance guarantee based solutions, at affordable costs to companies, across the financial hierarchy is Singapore based Cyber Security and Privacy Foundation Pte Ltd., that operates in India through Chennai based Gemini Communication Ltd. CSPF certifies and guarantees the audits it performs, fulfilling the requisite of the customer to conduct security assessments. Moreover, focusing on a 360 degree approach, CSPF tailors ecosystem solutions for clients’ unique demands rather than a product based solution.

Incepted in 2011, CSPF was started by highly reputed retired Bureaucrats, who continue to be on the Advisory Board of CSPF, till date. CSPF primary aim was to create technology awareness & indigenous product development & assisting Indian agencies in attacks emanating from interested countries. CSPF has built a team of professionals, over the years, to develop and deploy cyber security tools. Hosting a strong network of 40 security experts across 3 continents; CSPF has trained more than 7000 engineers till date via online IT Security training. CSPF prides being the only company in the market using 0-day exploits (more than 1100+) to ensure that organization can be self-reliant on the solution they have chosen to continue their business. “With such a vast database, apart from what is available in the high-end tools that we have licensed, we offer a time-based warranty for the audits we conduct.” states Prasanna J, Director, CSPF.

Working across several industries such as Industrial, Banking, Manufacturing and Software development, CSPF has gained expertise in Information Security Audits and Infrastructure audits. The firm focuses on new evolving threats in technology like DDOS, APT Attack or Sophisticated Phishing Attack, and endows solutions to blooming issues ofRansomwareand Malware. CSPF has also invested in various tools to address the raising security problems and assists organizations in implementing best practices using deep dive analysis. Being a Security Solution provider, CSPF has adopted technologies like Big Data and Machine Learning to defend the evolving threats of security monitoring and auditing processes. CSPF has been actively contributing towards technology advancements with in-house development of Security Monitoring tools like SIEM, HIDS and NIDS to store remote information securely. The list of offerings further includes DDOS prevention services, intelligent configuration of WAF, Mobile Device Management solution, Role Monitoring, and Access Right Management.

As securing information and networks becomes more complex; customers’ are bound to outsource the problem and look for ways to focus on their business without threats. Responding to the requisite, CSPF bestows a powerful SOC (Security Operations Centre) to conduct log-monitoring and analysis for customers, along with cloud-based multi-factor authentication, Anti-Phishing and Anti-malware 24/7 vigil. Moving further, CSPF plans to focus on maintaining the leadership position, with the same dynamism and quick turning around abilities with which the firm responds to the attacks now.