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CADVision: Illustrating faster ROI under the aegis of CEAD


Manufacturers in the engineering and design industries have always been challenged with New Product Development (NPD). Although there is a constant push for improved specifications likelower weight, better performance and higher efficiency, it cannot be denied that NPD requires huge investment. One of the reasons manufacturers view NPD as expensive is due to the number of iterations and the corrections that usually come up in the later stages of Product Design Cycle. That is, identifying problems in the prototype stages/CAE will lead to going back to the CAD model, modifying it and starting an iteration all over again.

Headquartered in Hyderabad, CADVision Engineers Pvt Ltd, helps companies effectively manage this situation through an innovative new methodology know as “Constraint Driven Engineering Design Synthesis Methodology,”wherein the required design outputs are set as boundary conditions while the design inputs are set as open variables. Furthermore, asdesign relations and equations are added along with the design constraints, the synthesis of design for optimum design output values provides the design inputs. This methodology helps reduce Design Cycle Time as it encapsulates all the customer needs and working conditions into the problem at one go thereby leading to faster ROI.

CADVision’s flagship product, CEAD (Conceptual Engineering and Analysis based Design),is based on this methodology. “CEAD provides an ideal platform to synthesize designs in the pre-CAD stage while allowing clients to try out different ideas in the conceptual design phase thereby equipping them with the creative freedom to design innovative products,” says Siddharth Reddy, Director CADVision. CEAD also helps in reducing the product design cycle time and cost as it reduces the iteration cost between CADand CAE tools later in the design process. CEAD helps in starting 3D models with better initial values. Terex, a fortune 500company stands testimony to CEAD as it was successful in reducing project cycle time at conceptual designstage by 90%.

CADVision proffers consultancy services to engineering software product companies by partnering with them in enhancing their existing line of products,to researchers or budding companies by co-developing new software solutions and to engineering firms by working closely with them in identifying areas of improvement and providing necessary solutions. The service offerings include Knowledge Based Engineering, Design Automation, Process Automation, Translation and Validation services. Moreover, the company supports mechanical product development companies by providing conceptual engineering design software, customizing leading CAD applications, and providing engineering design services.

With its experience of working with global companies like DPT, Think3,FocusPLM, Terex and Mahindra & Mahindra, CADVision promises its customers both, technical advantage of a product industry and the cost advantage of partnering with a service industry. Riding the tide, the company envisagesexpanding its product portfolio. Leveraging its rich experience in developing in-house software products, CADVision is quite confident that it can help clients design scalable and reusable solutions for their engineering and design needs.