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BoredBees Tech Solutions: Building Next Gen Applications for Easy Access to Healthcare


Despite of advancements in medical technologies and a general increase in income levels, healthcare continues to pose challenges of affordability, complexity and access across the world. To conquer these adversities, innovation and technology can be huge facilitators for a healthy India. Greater feasibility of mobile devices supporting healthcare has made mobile health arrive at a significant inflection point. Eyeing on the same, Hubli based BoredBees Tech Solutions India (P) Ltd. provides mobile users with wide range of ground-breaking healthcare applications, tech solutions and services. The company was founded in 2011 by Anand G Naik who started his first Entrepreneurial venture at the age of 18 just after completing 12th standard. Without any background of entrepreneurial heritage, he started the company with only two employees which today is a team of 50 tech wizards operating from three locations. With dedication and passion, the young and dynamic entrepreneur in the making achieved the break-even point at a very early stage. He has also been awarded with the Young Entrepreneur 2013 award at the hands of Ratan Tata and Narayan Murthy at the TiECON Hubli Chapter.

As India's healthcare system continues to expand its coverage, services and expenditure in the public as well as private sectors, there is a large market for hospital information systems and other healthcare-related IT solutions. In contrast to healthcare access, mobile access is becoming ubiquitous worldwide. Almost all developed markets already have mobile penetration. Thus, the feasibility of mobile devices supporting healthcare is greater than ever before especially in the developing countries. Coming to India, many current mobile health deployments are aimed at supporting commoners with good solutions for health related difficulties and also improving the efficiency of healthcare workforce and systems. Realizing the great potential, profitability and popularity that mobile technology offers, BoredBees started developing Android apps to make awareness in the health care sector amongst the commoners. BoredBees has the pride of developing hundreds of Android Applications for the betterment of people and the health care sector. "We aim to assist and make a positive value addition to the management and deployment of IT in a business and ensure that IT staff can concentrate on supporting the business with the ability to utilize the experience and service of Boredbees and when required to assist with IT affairs," says Anand G Naik, MD & CEO, BoredBees Tech Solutions.

Serving various industries like Retail, Government, Education, Life Sciences, Media & Information Sciences, BFSI, High Tech, Logistics & Distribution, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Real Estate and Healthcare, BoredBees predominantly provides creative tech solutions such as Android applications, ERP and e-Commerce. The software delivery mechanism at Boredbees persistently aspires to provide customized solutions to the utmost satisfaction of the customers. It also provides strategic outsourcing services that include enterprises solutions, SCM, CRM, web services-commerce services software based on ruby on rails, android development, engineering and product life cycle management, business process quality, business intelligence and so on. Company's reactive support services ensure that issues can be promptly dealt with utmost flexibility. "We have vast experience working with some of the specialized organizations and delivering complex solutions to them. This has nailed our capabilities to deliver the required solution on the agreed time and budget," adds Anand.

Finding better medicines, smarter medical devices and new telemedicine systems cannot be achieved without direct involvement in research. BoredBees has a dedicated R&D lab and it is confident that its team tech wizards can assist any company in deployment and utilization of IT solutions. Stirred by high level of ethics, empowerment and commitment at every level, a combination of a well-established business process, best practice and unique delivery models, the company projects a revenue of Rs.3 crore in the current fiscal year. The bootstrapped organization strives to build long lasting relationships with customers and provide them unparallel and competitive services. BoredBees envisions making a major contribution to the healthcare sector and extending company's radius from North Karnataka to cities like Bangalore and Pune.