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Birlamedisoft: Offering Scalable and Secured Web and Cloud based Healthcare Software Solutions


Technological advancements are transforming the entire healthcare industry. The healthcare infrastructure is becoming digital and the flow of information is becoming more seamless. Electronic health records (EHRs) are leveraging digital progress and transforming the way care it is delivered. Pune based Birlamedisoft applies its proven expertise in electronic health record (EHR) technology to provide web based healthcare products that optimize care delivery, administration and data management. The scalable and secure products of Birlamedisoft help hospitals and healthcare institutions optimize their infrastructure and enable them to operate more efficiently, improve safety and compliance, increase patient throughput, and inspire trust and confidence.

Dr. Upma Birla, Technical Director, Birlamedisoft says, “It is imperative for us to prepare software that is efficient over a long-term period and delivered to the user's satisfaction.” She is an entrepreneur with a track record of over 30 years of experience in healthcare domain. Her extensive experience in developing Web and Cloud based healthcare applications spans across various healthcare sectors. Incepted with the aim to become the most trusted brand in the healthcare industry, Birlamedisoft has introduced an ocean of change in the present digital era with its core healthcare software suits for Hospitals, Laboratories, Blood Banks, Imaging centers etc.

User friendly and versatile Hospital Information Management

Under the supervision and personal involvement of Dr. Upma Birla, in the last one and a half decade, Birlamedisoft’s web based healthcare products were developed to prevent the situations of lost or misplaced patient data and to enable better diagnoses with aggregate availability of complete health records. To make information available anytime anywhere, the firm provides Quanta V3.0 Web HIMS, a fully online Web & Cloud based Hospital Information Management System which is capable of computerizing any large scale hospital and connected clinics and its branches.

Powerful Laboratory Information Management

Responding to the need of managing laboratories, the organization furnishes a fully online Web and Cloud based LIMS, Laboratory Information Management System, Maxim-LIS V1.0/V2.0, which enables pathology labs and diagnostics centers to manage reporting processes, ensure regulatory compliance, and promote enterprise-wide collaboration. Maxim-LIS is a Web & Cloud based, off-the-shelf solution designed for a wide array of laboratory environments, operating in various disciplines and industries. Birlamedisoft has done numerous successful LIMS implementations across the globe in Clinical, Analytical and Biotech sectors.

Comprehensive blood bank management

When it comes to BloodBank management, Birlamedisoft provides a completely online Web and Cloud based Blood Bank Management System - NetBloodBank V2.0 that manages all aspects of blood bank or blood transfusion. Be it donor record management, patient management, component management, cross matching, blood issue, billing, inventory or statutory reporting which are as per FDA guidelines.

“Our greatest achievement is having improved the healthcare services for customers in India, South East Asia, Africa, Middle East and European countries; hence increasing the life expectancy of people,” affirms Dr. Upma. Birlamedisoft’s elite clientele list includes All India branches of Ultratech Cement Works, All India branches of Tata Power, Many Govt county Hospitals in Kenya, UK based British telecom SOS project consisting of 65+ clinics across east Africa countries, 5,000+ Laboratories across the globe, and many others.
The firm considers nation's health and safety as priority and hence plans to partner with local health organizations to promote good health across the globe.