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Axis Softech: Offering Comprehensively Integrated Travel Portals


According to a report, India’s travel and tourism market is poised to grow at the rate of 7.5 percent in 2015, and by end of the year, the travel and tourism sector is speculated to contribute Rs. 8.22 trillion to India’s GDP. With this growth, the industry is witnessing small and large businesses venturing into this domain. There are numerous travel agencies, hoteliers and conglomerates looking for a travel portal to manage the day-to-day operations of their travel business. Although there are several companies which provide Travel Portal Development and related services, most of them either have a limited range of products or they are not able to provide comprehensive Application Program Interface (API) integrations to meet the varying requirements of different types of customers, and fail the delivery deadlines.

Axis Softech, headquartered in New Delhi, provides integrated solutions for travel businesses and removes their burden of finding API solutions at extra cost, getting a software product developed and integrating those APIs with the product. “We bring in end-to-end supply, accumulating all the APIs and all the suppliers on one platform, integrating it with the product and then providing a ready made solution,” says Gyanesh Kumar, Director, Axis Softech. The company provides end-to-end solutions for the travel segment by offering Online Travel Products & Services to its customers, helping them manage and maintain those, providing 24/7 Booking Support and helping them market their offerings using different online and offline mediums. Axis Softech is a leading player in this segment and has market penetration of approximately 70-75 percent with a total of 70 leading travel portals amongst its active clienteles.

Axis Softech has been developing travel portals for over a decade now, and it has the expertise to develop all kinds of portals including simple API integrations to complex multi-structured and multi-API integrated solutions. The company provides its customers with six different types of Online Travel Products, which are different variants of SAFARI (the flagship brand of Axis Softech) comprising Safari Aero, Safari Special, Safari Standard, Safari Advance, Safari Ultra & Safari B2B), along with customized form of designing and development of travel portals as per the choice of customers. All these products have inbuilt supply of services like, Flights, Hotels, Bus & Cars; and they also have a world class provision of dynamically displaying their holiday packages. “Apart from the overall integration of all APIs, our second most unique factor is the price range of these products, as our products are designed to suit every kind of budget and the respective customers,” adds Devesh Kumar Thakur, Director, Axis Softech.

With integrated API systems, the products empower run-time online booking by online visitors of approximately 70 running portals nowadays. Each booking engine is unique in nature and ensures the best fares availability across the industry. To ensure the security and smooth functionalities of the portal, Axis Softech has deep rooted relationship with almost all leading payment gateways and SSL providers, who provide their services at most discounted rates to its customers. Catering primarily to domestic Indian market, the company is working on certain products with an aim to go global.