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Appnomic Systems: Making Advanced Analytics Actionable


Many IT organizations still continue to spend a majority of their time “keeping the lights on” for their IT operations. But the business demands that CIOs support growth-focused objectives such as better enabling new sales, improving user satisfaction, gaining operational efficiencies and customer retention. Enterprises are showing interest in understanding how IT is impacting critical lines of business and revenue generating applications. However, a continuing and key challenge has been the inability to correlate and extract value from vast volumes of data generated by various monitoring tools across silos and domains in real-time.

Appnomic Systems, headquartered in Bangalore, provides innovative analytics software and services that simplify the complexities of managing IT. The company’s solutions provide enterprise IT Application Operations (AppOps), DevOps teams with the ability to prevent IT application performance incidents like down time, “hung screens,” and slowness. Its technology also enables users to gear up and gear down application responsiveness based on end-user experience and business goals. The company specializes in serving businesses with high transaction volume operations – such as banks, large online businesses, and manufacturers.

Appnomic solutions include AppsOne, IT Operations Analytics (ITOA) software; OpsOne data center IT Process Automation (ITPA) software; and automation-enabled remote infrastructure managed services called RIMS+ where Appnomic operates as an extension of client IT organizations managing Appnomic software solutions and client IT operations.

“We are using the next generation of advanced analytics, machine learning, and automation to take IT operations to a new level of performance. Processing large volumes of data in real time, we monitor and analyze the complex and massive volume of metrics that represent the online experience of real users in an application stack. With mathematical modeling and modern clustering analytics, we can identify and compare patterns to get insight into future application behavior,” says Paddy Desikachari, CEO, Appnomic Systems. “These insights alone provide actionable inputs to our clients. We also go one step further to provide automated remediation of problems, proactive configuration changes to enhance business performance,” he adds.

Appnomic Systems follows a unique, and patent pending, Application Behavior Learning (ABL) approach wherein it looks at Application Usage Patterns (AUPs) and sees what is happening in an application. Starting with the application layer, the company looks at a pattern of workload or demand and the performance of data center assets to baseline how they behave under different conditions. “Any deviation in the behavior versus baselines enables us to help clients prevent these deviations in the systems from turning into user and business affecting incidents,” adds Desikachari.

“Appnomic has proven to be a valued provider of practical and valuable technologies we use to ensure employee productivity gains, IT compliance with company policy and regulatory requirements, faster cycle times for service delivery, and continuous cost reduction,” said VenkiSundaresan, Senior Director of IT at CypressSemiconductor,after Appnomic reduced the already low rate of occurrence of IT errors for Cypress by 70 percent – achieving all impressive levels of quality and consistency.

Appnomic believes that this is just the beginning for ITOA and is determined to continue making advanced analytics actionable.