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Allied Digital: Transforming customer IT infrastructures to make them digital business-ready


Today, no business can afford to ignore the digital business wave that is swapping across the globe. No matter how imperative IT cost savings are for the CIO, it is a need of the hour to have a comprehensive look at overall IT infrastructure of the organization, to ensure IT is getting well aligned to the new business processes being re-designed.

Allied Digital, a 1984 established company and a known Masters Systems Integrator has enhanced its solutions and service lines to match customer’s expectations for transformation. It has innovated its end user service offering to end user experience, extending its remote managed services to command and control centers that includes IoT, extended its global presence through strategic partnerships and fine-tuned the managed security services that addresses new risk and compliance requirements.

Managing Infrastructure Delivery of Customers through the ‘3S’ Methodology
Today's decentralized and complex computing environment has led to an increased dependence on and expectation of the technologies and their management which infuse the organization. A strategic IMS plan streamlines these haphazard and decentralized computing and gives direction to the strategy & planning of the company,that eventually yields optimal value of customer’s IT investments. But choosing the best approach for optimization may be difficult due to budgetary pressures and lack of adequate expertise in monitoring, managing and maintaining infrastructure. With an approach to leverage to client’s IMS needs in this indomitable scenario of ITSM, Allied digital came up with '3S' methodology. The ‘3S’ methodology of Allied Digital manages the infrastructure needs and procure maximum ROI for its clients through a customized mix of “Smart Technology”, “Strategic Resource Planning” and “Streamlined industry processes”.

“We are here to make IT simplified, aligned to client’s needs and transform their business to operate successfully in digital economy “says Paresh Shah, CEO, Allied Digital. Allied digital’s knowledge of organization’s specific priorities, maturity levels of IT, avail it to combat the industry’s unique scenarios. Operating to meet customer’s need, company starts with discovering pain areas and reading of customer’s vision for their company. The discovery gets mapped into buckets such as “cost-effective services”, “IT alignment and productivity”, “scalability and consistency” and “business transformation”. Finally Allied Digital helps its clients to realize their vision and derive a roadmap of IT Services to easily embark on and get optimum return on investment.

Industry standard based Proactive and Innovating pricing models
Being in the IT space for more than three decades, Allied Digital has witnessed transformation of the Industry. The company itself underwent extensive transition to leverage its customer’s business needs with the initiative of Digital business journey. The company’s transition is encouraging it to focus on delivering proactive, high FCR, industry standard based innovative pricing models. The company’s engagement models, like “Captive outsourced”, “Fully outsourced” as well as “CIO Assist “ helps customer’s business to function at optimum level in a cost-effective manner .“Allied digital’s approach enables our customers in leveraging IT for their core business, as well as put them on fast track for transforming to today’s digital business economy” added Shah.

Apart from thriving for continuous improvement strategy for each customer Allied Digital is into constant innovation. The 2014 “Premier 100 Award” winners have been consistently upgrading the IMS business through their Cloud based remote end user device management, Mobility management and end user analytics, Managed security services, Datacenter operations, migration & support and many other services. They also received the prestigious Safe-City award at national urban development events, for developing first such solution in India with a 5 year support model, in the country.

ADiTaaS, integrating seamlessly with software in IoT domain
Allied Digital Integrated Tool-As-A-Service (ADiTaaS) is an ITIL driven, IT service orchestration platform with ready integration points and monitoring tools. Allied digital’s ITaaS platform serves over 100 customers globally and manages their IT services. To increase service automation Allied Digital has also enhanced ADiTaaS platform for IoT based device management and mobile workforce management. AdiTaaS can integrate seamlessly with different software in the domain of IoT, such as Intelligent Building Management, traffic management,utility management and BPM. With Allied Digital’s user-friendly and cost-effective ITaaS offering, assist the company’s client’s to compete and survive in today’s ever changing business landscape.

Managing complex IT security infrastructure
Evolving as a stable SOC player in the IMS space is equipped thoroughly to elucidate the need for security, meet global threat alerts with remediation processes and offer ready reporting for compliance. Thus threading and managing the complexity of IT security for all types of businesses with company’s smart security controls.

Global IT Services provider
On one hand, the global IMS market is growing at the rate of 4.4 percent to reach £463 billion by the last quarter of 2015. While on the other hand, India, is still struggling with the challenges pertaining to service maturity, end user productivity and disparate service delivery. Allied Digital envisages in provisioning new models of IT service delivery for the digital enterprises, where end user experience, cloud, social media, IoT and security will play a pivotal role in withstanding these challenges. The Company’s DNA resides in its IT infrastructure management and hence, it’s focusing to become the most admired global IT Services provider in the near future.