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AgreeYa Mobility: "Onveloping" Enterprise Mobility with Security, Integration and Manageability


Most of the companies today have invested extensively in enterprise technology and infrastructure and as a result employees are kept chained to their desks, despite the widespread use of tablets and smartphones. While the typical push toward a new technology generally comes from the IT department, in the case of enterprise mobility, demand has originated from employees and has traversed from field personnel to high-level executives. To address this growing need within the connected global workforce, AgreeYa Mobility, facilitates enterprise mobility for employees by enabling the access of information and enterprise server software from anywhere on the device of their choice.

"AgreeYa Mobility is well-positioned to gain and maintain stature within the global enterprise mobility solutions market.Its product portfolio focuses on enabling mobility for enterprises with its three paradigm approach - secure device, enabling enterprise mobility applications and Security and Manageability." says Krish Kupathil, CEO at AgreeYa. AgreeYa Mobility’s enterprise mobility platform, Onvelop, is the first-of-its-kind to provide users with an ability to communicate through multiple channels like chat, voice call and email, from the same interface where they are managing enterprise application data and workflows. With its enterprise-ready security module and unique mobile client user interface, Onvelop for Enterprise offers a new dimension to connectivity on-the-go through its unique, patented user experience which delivers enterprise mobility and BYOD capability to business consumers.

Onvelop applies a unique approach to collaboration amongst employees from mobile devices, as its user interface enables ‘in-context’ collaboration capabilities between team members. The platform integrates both communication and collaboration capabilities in a single dashboard to considerably increase the productivity of mobile workers. Equipped with both native security and management functions, the enterprise mobility solution can be easily integrated with enterprise security management systems. The company’s other product portfolio focuses on providing security and manageability to devices and mobile applications.

AgreeYa Mobility also works with various large operators to create monetization on both consumer and enterprise based services. The product portfolio enables operators to monetize 3G/LTE for both enterprise and consumer based services. These products are focused on Quality of Service of bandwidth, innovative solutions for mobile and custom device based solutions. The company’s Onvelop cloud platform is the integration of Onvelop platform features with Operator services to enable enterprise mobility for the operator customers. The Onvelop cloud platform is industry's first fully-integrated cloud for telecom operators to deliver collaboration and communication for enterprise customers.

AgreeYa Mobility brings measurable business impact through its enterprise mobility solutions by reducing the cost of doing business and increasing employee productivity. The company improves employee responsiveness, enhances decision-making speed and thus increases customer satisfaction. With its foresightedness the company comprehends the role of Mobile Cloud Computing (MCC) in the near future and plans to realize work-life integration by looking to nurture and evolve technology partnerships from its engineering expertise in the mobile space.