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Advance CAD Technologies Pvt Ltd. 3D Scanning and Reverse Engineering Leading to Advancements in Construction


Industrial sector is increasingly adopting 3D scanning solutions to resolve technical problems as they help in faster validation of manufacturing products. By providing 3D solutions to industries, majorly for complex parts having different range of accuracies, it is very difficult to manage with a single source of technology in a short lead-time. Customers expect a faster solution, short lead time and more accuracy. Thus a software and continuous up gradation of technology is required which involves a high cost. To overcome these challenges, Advance CAD Technologies, headquartered in Pune, has started a unique dual business model of providing both 3D scanning services as well as product representation at competitive rates.

Advance CAD Technologies is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified CAD, CAM, 3D white light scanning and reverse engineering solution provider. ACAD caters to a range of industries like Aerospace, Automotive, Moulds & Dies, Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Shipbuilding Industries, Medical Industries, General Industries and Defense. ACAD also has tie ups with 3D Systems in USA and Solutionix in Korea for 3D Industrial scanners and Reverse Engineering Software’s sales and support
for India.

After the digital extraction of a design profile that data can be used to trouble shoot, re-produce, study, analyze, inspect or can be used in other downstream application. Physical product design like clay or any other prototype can be converted into a solid model for making the required tooling. Basically, scanned data is used for reverse engineering where any part of a tool or die can be duplicated with the help of CAD model. It is also used for quality inspection where 3D profile inspection report, 2D dimensional report like CMM, Wall thickness, analysis report, GAP & FLUSH analysis report, design validation report, cross sectional analysis report is generated with the help of their state of the art non-contact digitizing systems.

ACAD has received several accolades for the recognition the company has gained as the best service quality provider. Some of the awards received are Quality Excellence Award, Quality Brands Award, Rajiv Gandhi Shiromani Award, Bharat Vikas Ratan Award, Rashtriya Udyog Ratan
Award, etc.

ACAD has great plans of expansion and have drawn out a five year plan for their 3D scanning and reverse engineering services along with their sales division. ACAD does not only have plans of expanding the size of their office along with their machinery but also plans on increasing their customer base, increasing the segments they provide for, gaining new business in their 3D and reverse engineering service. ACAD is also looking to expand its reach nationwide and target all segments in the sales division.

Milind Futane, MD and CEO of Advance CAD Technologies goes on to conclude, “We believe that we provide a complete solution for 3D scanning lab set up for industries, colleges and reverse engineering solutions under one roof. ACAD has built a reputation as the best quality, flexible, responsive and technical reverse engineering solution provider for all versatile segments.”