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Adopting Disaster Recovery Processes is a Must


Founded in 2005, PHD Virtual provides data protection and certified recovery assurance for virtual and cloud environments. The company has raised a total funding of $2million from Insight Venture Partners and Citrix Systems.

Business and IT executives today want greater assurance that disaster recovery processes actually work and they owe it to themselves, their employees, customers and investors to make sure. Most companies are beginning to realize that they are not well prepared to face adversities. We constantly hear that most IT executives cannot satisfactorily answer a simple question: If your systems went down, would your company be able to get them up and running again within a time frame that meets your business requirements and be able to recover critical business data?

Businesses, driven by customer expectations and auditors will begin to care about more than just data restoration—they will care about business service restoration. As a result, there is and will continue to be a greater need to verify the ability of an organization to bring virtual and cloud-based business applications back into service within strict and very fast service level agreements. This verification and proof actually enables companies to be far more proactive in order to prevent negative outcomes in the event of an outage or disaster.

Opportunity for Entrepreneurs

A big challenge entrepreneur’s face is a diminished barrier to entry and a rapidly changing market. New technologies, the Cloud and SaaS enable innovation to be developed very quickly – and innovation also tends to be copied quickly. While this is a challenge, it also enables small, smart and nimble companies to ‘out-innovate’ bigger players with game changing solutions at a fraction of the time and cost than was previously possible. This is the new reality for entrepreneurs and gives consumers more choice to select the best products for their business.