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Acumen Aviation: Managing the Pricey Aircraft Assets


The aviation industry has witnessed several tribulations in the past few years with the events involved in winding down of a major Indian airline and financial trouble hitting many air carriers. All the major aircraft leasing companies and financers have become diffident about placing their pricey assets (aircrafts) with the air carriers across the world. They are inquisitive about the way their assets are being maintained and are proactive in ensuring the assets are returned as per the lease conditions.
Acknowledging these challenges, Acumen Aviation provides aircraft technical consultancy to aircraft lessors/owners, banks and such other financial institutions. Based in India and Ireland, it monitors the health of clients' assets which are placed with airlines across the globe. The company designs and provides varied Aircraft Lease Management Services, Technical Asset Management Services, Risk Assessment, Records Management, Airline Maintenance Audits and many more around the same principle. "We are pioneers in aviation consultancy in the region, specifically supporting the aircraft leasing community with our industry experts and tailored software solutions," says Alok Anand, CEO, Acumen Aviation.
Traditionally slow in adapting to new innovations, Indian aviation is relooking into its IT strategies owing to increasing competition from the global airline market. In this regard, Acumen helps with its aircraft asset management services and advisory services to lessors and airlines in reducing their overhead costs, while staying competent using the latest IT tools. The organization aids its clients with the robust web-based software 'ADEPT' (Aviation Document Evaluation Product and Technology) which makes Aviation Records Management efficient, flexible and scalable. It helps in centralizing the process of collecting, indexing, presenting and accessing technical records of the fleet. As a complete Aircraft and Engine Records Management solution, ADEPT is based on latest IT standards and can be hosted on various models like stand-alone servers, private cloud, public cloud and others, making for a quick & easy multi-level access to aircraft records. "By streamlining the entire aviation records management process beyond just scanning and housing of records, the company enables clients to make quick decisions and enhance project readiness across the world," adds Anand.
Acumen's aviation team works very closely with its IT team, resulting in a 'perfect fit' product for the market. Innovation is driven with a top-down approach where all team members are offered an equal "feedback" platform. The company wishes to invest into expanding in India and abroad with new satellite offices to be opened up, as well as addition of more sophisticated service offerings. It has also been assigned advanced roles in technical lease management to manage airplanes in Asia. The organization envisions to aggressively growing the back-office support services to complement their asset management and software support services. "We have a number of new announcements in the pipelines, andwe are working towards a few strategic partnerships as well," concludes Anand.