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AKS IT: Countering Cyber Security Threats with Aplomb


Cyber security threat is the persistent problem today afflicting national security and the financial viability of individual companies. This is primarily due to the lack of cyber security doctrine that would maintain security without eschewing economic growth and opportunities. Thousands of computers enslaved as botnets are sending spam, launching DOS attacks and hosting dubious websites. Spread of Worms, Spoofing, Phishing, Cyber Terrorism, Hacking, and Virtual Copyrights are some of the prime concerns of companies today.

In order to mitigate this threat, systems must be secured and monitored on a timely basis to be aware of intrusions thereby initiating remedial measures. The CIOs facing constant threats are worried about measures to ensure security of networks, web applications and vital data as also implementation of ISO- 27001 (Information Security Management System).

These problems are addressed by NOIDA headquartered AKS Information Technology Pvt Ltd, specializing in networks audit and applications security. The company provides the same by scanning targeted networks and hosts, collection of scanned results, analyzing for loopholes and fixing the gap. Established in 2006 by its MD, Wing Commander Ashish Kumar Saxena (retd) a recipient of Vishishta Seva Medal from President of India, the company is growing strongly and rapidly with its innovative cyber security solutions.

The company has been empanelled with CERT-IN for the last seven years, along with CCA, NICSI, NIC, Indian Army, Indian Air Force, DIT Maharashtra, APTS Andhra Pradesh and ELCOT Tamil Nadu. AKS IT Services is thus recognized by the government of India for its IT services in solving key concern of CIOs – cyber security.

AKS IT Services provides recommendations to mitigate the identified risks and benchmarking on security requirement criteria. The company goes the extra mile by leveraging its knowledge base, experience of resources and several innovative IT security solutions inclusive of auditing practices in line with ISO-27001:2013 and ISO 22301regulatory requirements. Along with this it also provides training on Network Security, Application Security, Cyber Forensics, Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery. "Apart from audit, IT Security Training was made interesting by trainers and well appreciated by the participants and helped in enhanced awareness,”- says DGM(IT), NTPC-Badarpur on the services provided by AKS IT Services. Leveraging over their competitors comes from their capability of high quality audit by discovery and closing of all vulnerabilities / identified gaps.

Envisioning a secure cyber world for a better, peaceful and progressive environment for mankind is pivotal. The company plans to be a leading and renowned integrated partner with all users of IT systems enabling them to operate in a secure cyber world providing them with its expertise in the fields of Auditing, Consulting, Compliance, Forensics and Training. AKS IT Services is working on getting into research and development of IT security products in addition to present range of services to facilitate its continuance on the growth path.