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24/7C: Delivering IM Services Through a Unique Hybrid Model


India is a growing destination for Infrastructure Management services but it is a highly commoditized service market, strongly competing on price and dominated by a few large players. Servicing as a field requires immense attention for the proper functioning of any organization making it a highly time consuming and resource intensive process. Simplifying these requirements is Chennai based 24/7 Computing Services Pvt. Ltd. Amalgamating in-depth industrial knowledge, functional expertise and deploying cutting-edge technologies, the company makes it possible for organizations to transform business goals into achievements. The company is an off-shoot of the renowned IT Solutions provider – Futurenet Technologies, specialized in consulting, integration and support services since 1996.

Keeping up with Evolving Requirements

The mode of delivery of the Infrastructure Management services has changed and evolved over the years. While in India, on-site delivery of IM services has been predominant, the trend is changing to a more hybrid model today. Given that globally, Remote Infrastructure Management is the preferred model, Indian providers are utilizing this opportunity in a big way. 24/7 Computing Services offers its services through a hybrid model. The company offers its services through three delivery models namely, TekOnSite, TekOnRemote and TekOnDemand.
TekOnSite is an onsite service delivery model with blend of technology and human resource. In this model, the company audits and assesses customer business and infrastructure, identifies the appropriate human resource and technology and develops service level agreement. The service is completely delivered on site at customer's timing. TekOnRemote is a completely remote support in which the company monitors, maintains and mends customer's resource 24/7. The on-demand service delivery model followed by the company is TekOnDemand, through which a customer can avail the resources from L1 to L7 on demand with prior booking for executing the projects or fixing the issues.
24/7 Computing uses the models to render its services in the specializations like Infrastructure support, design and implementation, Citrix Design and implementation, VMware Design and implementation, Oracle Database Support, cloud migration and support. The company sees the change in nature and complexity of infrastructure management services market. "Customers are looking for a single point of contact for all their infrastructure management, be it physical, virtual or cloud," says L. Ashok, MD, 24/7 Computing Services. By understanding the nuances of business and IT requirements of clients, 24/7c has ensured that the IT infrastructure managed services have been automated, along with the possibility of providing self servicing capabilities. These are a few factors that make 24/7c popular among its clients and the company looks set to evolve deeply into this domain. Moving forward, the 24/7c is resolute to shift its focus and managing IT to delivering best in class business value to the industry.