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An exclusive interview with Uttam Panda, Founder & CEO, Aidoings.

This video features Uttam Panda, Founder and CEO, Aidoings explaining the significance of understanding the emotional quotient of kids. He throws light on the advancements of AI and its application in understanding the children and help introduce the 4th Industrial Revolution in the upbringing of kids via new-age technologies.

An Exclusive Interview with Pranav Kumar, Chief experience Designer, Praakamya.

This video features Pranav Kumar, Chief Experience Designer at Praakamya elaborates on how customer experience can lead businesses from the masses to the top of the pyramid. He gives a detailed account of the DOs and DON’Ts of strategizing a working model dynamic customer experience measures.

Highlights - CIO Tech Panel - Devising the Right Data Center Strategy

To help CIOs and technology decision makers devise the right data center strategy for their enterprises, CIOReviewIndia brought together CIOs and CTO from different industries through this webinar, wherein they elaborated on the nuances of new technology adoption in data centers.

Highlights - Cyber Security Webinar - Defining the Approach Towards Cyber Security

To help CIOs and technology decision makers safeguard their enterprises from cyber threats, CIOReviewIndia brought together experts from different industries through this Webinar wherein they explained how businesses need to define their approach towards cyber security.

Highlights - Digital Transformation Webinar - Imperatives for Going Digital

In this video from CIOReviewIndia Tech Panel - Digital Transformation Webinar, experts and leaders from various industry segments elucidate how businesses need to strategize before jumping on the digital bandwagon.

eMudhra - Manikantan Dakshinamoorthy on Significance of Electronic Signatures for Business Continuity

In this video from CIOReviewIndia Tech Panel - Digital Transformation Webinar, Manikantan Dakshinamoorthy, AVP – Sales Enterprise Security Solutions, eMudhra elucidates how eMudhra is democratizing electronic signatures to not just help businesses go paperless but ...

Candor Software Solutions - Jairam Sangani's Interview on the Significance of PLM in Businesses

This video features a rapidly growing PLM solution provider Candor Software Solutions. The CEO of Candor Software Solutions, Jairam Sangani throws light on the importance of having a PLM software in place and informs us about the best in class brand in the market.

QuickMetrix - Uday Kelleputtige's Interview on the role of Social Media Analytics in Businesses

This video features QuickMetrix’s Founder & CEO Uday Kelleputtige as he gives a walkthrough of how social media analytics and can play a very significant role in brand building by measuring, managing and improving a brand’s image in the marketplace.

PTC - An Exclusive interview of Kalyan Sridhar on the role of Augmented Reality in IIoT

This video features a renowned name in the Augmented Reality space- PTC. The VP & Country Manager for India of PTC, Kalyan Sridhar takes us on a journey enlightening how augmented reality can play a very crucial role in restablishing our perespective of the Industrial Internet of Things.

MSC Software - An Exclusive Interview of Sridhar Dharmarajan on the Simulation Industry

This video features the Simulation industry’s renowned name, MSC Software. The Indo-Pacific Region’s Managing Director of MSC, Sridhar Dharmarajan walks us through the key elements impacting the simulation industry and how MSC has played a significant role in all of it.