Case study

Neptune Software Group: Enabling Financial Institutions To Embrace...

By : Neptune Software Group | Category : Point Of Sale

Microfinance institutions have been playing a critical role in empowering the poor. However, there are factors such as high cost of operations, geographical barriers, dearth of quality technology... Read More

Npedia Technologies: Helping Organizations Strategize For Growth

By : Npedia Technologies | Category : Digital Transformation

In a place where CTOs are scarce, low-cost equals low quality, and where development shops are struggling to grasp the business implications around current disruptions, we bring a competitive offer... Read More

SAYINT: Helps Europe's Largest OTA to Improve its Customer Interaction

By : Sayint | Category : Artificial Intelligence

Sayint allows us to record every inbound and outbound call into the call center and then... Read More

Signzy Technology: Enabling Real-Time And Efficient Bank Account...

By : Signzy | Category : Digital Transformation

The task of opening a back account when done manually in the legacy system is painfully slow and... Read More